Slipcover Tutorial {How To Make a Zipper Panel}

This is part 2 of my couch slipcover tutorial. Go here for part 1. 

Slipcover zipper panel

Step One: Buy the Right Zipper

Make sure you measure your cushion before going to the store to buy a zipper. You’ll want the zipper to hang over about 5 inches on each side of the cushion to make the cushion cover easy to get on and off. I bought a zipper that was about 5 inches short and had to get creative about making it work (you can check out the next part of the tutorial to see what I did). If you can’t find a zipper long enough, you can buy a zipper roll and cut it the right length.

Lasse Cookies

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In 2011, Lisa & I lived in a 4 bedroom apartment with 6 girls total. We named our place “The Hilton” and referred to ourselves as “The Hilton Girls”.  Lisa & I shared a bedroom and both got engaged during our time there. Our other roommates joked that there was something in the vent of that bedroom, and they wanted in next! But we both know the ‘real’ reason we won our men over was because we mastered this recipe. It was love at first bite!

How it all began 1

Slipcover Tutorial {How to Make Piping}

This is a post series that I’m transferring from a previous blog because it’s been extremely popular. I’ll be posting these tutorials every Friday for the next couple of months, enjoy!

Slipcover piping

All the way back in the spring, I decided to make a slipcover for our couch. It’s a big project, but I was looking for something new and challenging to expand my sewing skills. It has definitely been a learning experience, and to be honest I’m not quite done yet (a lot of other projects got in the way). But I’ll be posting a series of tutorials detailing the different steps to my process.

Here’s what our couch looks like:

It’s not hideous or anything, and it’s probably the most comfortable couch I’ve ever napped on, but I thought it would be nice to have something monochromatic so it will match more of the other things I’ve decorated with. Also, so I can make cute decorative pillows!

Freezer Breakfast Burritos

I find it funny that I am the one writing this post since I learned the recipe from Lisa, but oh well! Our recipes are actually quite different now. I’m definitely a modifier in the kitchen. I find a recipe I like and then I tweak it again & again until I love it even more. So, sorry Lisa…mine is better! Besides, you can’t trust Lisa because she doesn’t eat gluten. Ok, enough picking on Lisa…

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