Count Your Blessings Challenge

Lisa and I are going to go against the grain and initiate an Instagram Challege of counting your blessings on Black Friday of all days. It will begin today and carry on through the end of the year. Don’t worry if you don’t have Instagram, you can still participate with Facebook or Twitter. I’ll be posting my photos on all three!

Count Your Blessings

I LOVE the statuses that you see in November of something you’re thankful for everyday. It’s so refreshing to see everyone being grateful this time of year. It shouldn’t stop after Thanksgiving though. We’re live in a culture that makes that kind of difficult. The biggest shopping day in the country is the day right after we’re supposedly ‘thankful’ for everything we have.

Lisa and I want to help stir one another on to a lifestyle of thankfulness, not just a day or a month. So, this challenge is just a small way to help us actively praise God for blessings all year round, not just in November. Remember that our gifts should never become an item of worship themselves, they should lead us to worship the giver of all things good, Jesus Christ. Continue reading

Borrowed & Blue & Thankful Too

With Thanksgiving being tomorrow, Lisa & I wanted to express some thoughts of gratitude. Our blog was established with the purpose of encouraging young wives in their marriages. So, we thought it would be appropriate to share some things that the two of us have become thankful for in our own. Our first ever co-authored post!

photo (67)

We hope that by reading what we’re thankful for in our marriages it will inspire you to reflect on your own. There’s always something to be thankful for! And always a ‘someone’ to be thankful to! We’re thankful to God for these undeserving gifts he has given to us through our husbands, Matt and Steve. Continue reading

Upside Down Caramel Apple Pecan Pie

A few years out of high school, one of my best friends since 6th grade, Liz, decided to make an experimental football helmet cake for her Super Bowl Party. One thing led to another, and now she owns her own bakery in Arkansas where we grew up! I’m just thankful that she shares her recipes. You should be too, because she has so kindly allowed me to share them on The Helpmates!


This is my first post with one of her recipes, but definitely not my first time making something of her’s. About every other week you’ll find me frantically texting her for one recipe or another. Good thing for me she has them all memorized so she’s pretty quick on the response time. Continue reading

Honey Glazed Pecans


I was in need of glazed pecans for a recipe last night and I was let down by my grocery story love, Aldi. Apparently they do not carry any glazed nuts.

Bummer! But a good excuse to experiment in the kitchen. Baptism by fire! I made up my own recipe. My first attempt was successful this time, that’s unusual… but no complaints here! Continue reading

Formal Dress Refashion

A few months ago, Cara was telling me some things she didn’t like about some of her dresses, and I (being the great friend that I am) told her I could refashion them for her. A few weeks later, I received four dresses in the mail. So, here’s a tutorial for taking two very different formal dresses and merging them into one:


Formal Dress Refashion Title Picture


Continue reading

How to Freeze Pancakes in Bulk

As you know from my freezer burritos post, Matt & I are big breakfast eaters. A trait I so lovingly shared with him upon entering into this covenant of marriage. Along with the love of desserts, of course!

While cereal and granola bars have their place in life, who’s to say you have to eat them every weekday? Matt & I treasure our shared days off when we get to sleep in late and enjoy a hearty breakfast together. But sometimes those days are few and far between – so I still like to create an avenue for us to enjoy a nice, warm breakfast on the go!

This post does not offer a specific recipe for pancake mix (although, I’ll probably write one soon). Today, I’m just sharing tips on how to freeze pancakes in bulk. So feel free to use whichever recipe your little heart desires. Continue reading

Fancy Krampy Pants

The last two Saturdays Matt & I had the privilege to attend the Special Olympics Gala & the Cedar Lake Gala through my job. I work for a dental clinic that provides care exclusively for adults with intellectual disabilities. So we partner with organizations like Special Olympics and Cedar Lake a lot.

Everyone has heard of Special Olympics, but probably not Cedar Lake. It’s a local, privately-owned facility that many of our patients call home. They provide top-notch care for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, striving to give them a full life with abundant possibilities! Continue reading

Remembering a Veteran

November 11th, Veterans Day. Formerly Armistice Day, but now a national holiday remembering all Veterans and not just those who fought in WWI.

Every Veterans Day my mind is focused on my favorite veteran of all, my Granddaddy Bill. This will be the 3rd Veterans Day we’ve celebrated since his passing.


Some of my favorite memories with him are the ones where I somehow snuck my way into the living room to watch a baseball game with him. Watching turned into talking and talking always turned into storytelling. He was the best storyteller I’ve ever known. Continue reading