Biblical Vs. Secular Femininity

What makes a man masculine and a woman feminine? Are you born with a gender or do you choose it? How should men and women interact with each other in relationships? It seems that everyone with a voice has an opinion on these topics, so how are we to determine what is right?

On the one side, we live in a culture that provides much of this framework for us – we are born into a worldview. On the other side, we have scriptural teachings that almost always conflict with that worldview. I want to take some time to reflect on how the world views womanhood while establishing a biblical framework that we can trust and abide by.


That’s right, I’m yet another year older. I don’t really feel any different, maybe because enough changes have been going on with the big move that a birthday doesn’t seem like a big deal anymore. But I still had a fun time celebrating! Here’s the rundown of the big day:

Sleeping in late, since it was a Saturday (definitely a birthday blessing). And then a little crafting – I extended my curtains to make them long enough, but you’ll see more of that soon!


What to Talk About Before You Say ‘I Do’

talk before marriage

Steve & I have been married for a little over two years now (you can find our full story here), and even though our engagement was only nine weeks, we made sure to go through pre-marriage counseling before our big day.

Pre-marriage counseling isn’t a biblical or legal requirement for marriage, but we found it helpful in so many different ways. It served as an excellent foundation for our life together and allowed us to see how other wiser and much more experienced couples keep their marriages healthy and Christ-centered.

Tips for Saving on Your Dog

I’ve lived almost my whole life with a dog. I’ve had two Cocker Spaniels and now I have a sweet German Shepherd, Nike. I love having dogs around, and my house always feels too empty without one.

Not only does Nike make me feel comfortable in my home, she gets me out of the house to exercise, she gives me a sense of security when Steve’s not home, and she makes me smile.

That’s a lot of reasons to have a dog, but they can certainly rack up the bills. Here are a few ways that I (and my sister, who has much more dog expertise than I) have found over the years to cut back on the costs of owning a dog.

tips for saving on your dog

Easy Custom Chalkboard Art

Chalkboards are a great way to decorate, and it’s so easy to change them for different seasons, or a birthday or party.

easy custom chalkboard art

I have several different boards around my house, and I’ve found that the easiest way to decorate them is to ‘cheat’. Find a cute design online, or design one yourself in Word or Publisher. Then, use Paint to print out the design in the right size for your chalkboard.

Gluten Free Review: King Arthur Flour’s Muffin Mix

Today I’m starting a new blog series that I’ll post on the first Saturday of every month. I’ll be reviewing gluten free store-bought foods and baking mixes. These are not sponsored posts, and all opinions are my own! I’ll be rating each item on price, preparation ease, taste, and my dear gluten-loving husband’s approval.

the gluten free review button

Today I’m reviewing King Arthur Flour’s Gluten Free Muffin Mix.

king arthur flour 1

Organized Packing

When we moved from Fayetteville to Louisville in November, it was the first time I’d ever boxed up all my stuff, put it in a van, and driven it to a new place. I’ve moved before, but it was always moving from one place to the next within the same town, so I usually just loaded up my car with unboxed, unorganized stuff and took as many car loads as I needed.

This time, I knew I was going to need some serious organization to help me handle the packing and (especially) the unpacking process. So I created this document:


A Year in Review {2013-The Kramps}

I’ve spent some time reflecting on all that has happened in 2013 for our family. We’ve had a good year in many ways, but it has definitely had its share of heartache.

photo (23)

Matt began seminary full-time this January. He’d taken a winter class in December right after we moved here, but he jumped in all the way that spring semester. Between full time grad school and full time work he’s staying pretty busy.

I’ve been very impressed by his work ethic in school this past year. He’s naturally gifted with an amazing intellect, but he works hard too. Especially in Hebrew! Yowza…many late night study sessions for that class. I learned a few Hebrew words myself when drilling him with flash cards. We discovered how much fun we can have together even while studying foreign languages.

Matt took the summer off classes since we already had a big trip planned. He just finished up his Fall semester not too long ago, taking a whopping 12 hours! Thus far, he’s been able to make straight ‘A’s in all his classes. Way to go, Hubby!