Nutella Crepes

I love math, and I’m good at budgeting. I’ve never had to freeze my credit card to avoid spending money. I have, however, had to freeze my Nutella to avoid eating it. I’ve also had to ask my husband to hide it from me. Why do I even bother buying it, you might ask? I don’t! But every Christmas, birthday or random care package my loving mother sends me some! She’s the best…and I’m learning more self control through this painstaking process. I try to be productive with my Nutella and try new recipes (rather than eating it by the spoonful), so today I bring you Nutella Crepes…a European favorite!

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Ten Ways to be a GREAT Bridesmaid

I love weddings. I mean, I really love weddings. This is good because I have been a part of eight weddings as a bridesmaid, served in several other friends’ weddings in various capacities, and got married almost ten months ago myself! I consider it a huge blessing to have been a part of the wedding day of so many friends. So through all these experiences and the process of planning my own wedding, I feel like I have learned a lot about being a bridesmaid. Whether you are planning your own wedding or are going to be a part of one soon, I hope these things will be helpful as the wedding craziness ensues! So without further ado, here are ten ways to be a GREAT bridesmaid.

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Wedding for Under $2,000

I lost my dad to a heart disease when I was four years old and my mom never remarried. Shortly after his death, my mom left her job as stay at home mom to go back to work and make sure we could make ends meet.

Money was tight growing up. I think a good way to describe it is that we always had enough, but there was never any extra. My mom has always been extremely selfless – going without her own comforts to make sure we had ours.

I always knew that I wanted to pay for my wedding on my own. I didn’t think that was a burden meant for my mom to bear. I appreciated (probably more than I ever showed her or told her) all the financial sacrifices she made for me and my brother growing up. This was one small way I could give back.

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Matt and I courted for five months before we got engaged. (You can read our full love story here). I knew he was serious when he told me he intended to marry me…soon. In those five months, I managed to save $2,000 specifically for wedding costs. So when he proposed on Dec. 2, 2011, we had our budget set….$2,000. Continue reading

Marriage Isn’t a Game of Mad Libs

Marriage doesn’t happen by accident, and it isn’t sustained by pure chance. It takes work.

You can’t just fill in a random verb or adjective, or hope that random actions will lead to a strong marriage. You have to be intentional about getting to know your spouse. Learning what their needs and wants are. Learning how to best serve them to the glory of God.

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