Wedding for Under $2,000

I lost my dad to a heart disease when I was four years old and my mom never remarried. Shortly after his death, my mom left her job as stay at home mom to go back to work and make sure we could make ends meet.

Money was tight growing up. I think a good way to describe it is that we always had enough, but there was never any extra. My mom has always been extremely selfless – going without her own comforts to make sure we had ours.

I always knew that I wanted to pay for my wedding on my own. I didn’t think that was a burden meant for my mom to bear. I appreciated (probably more than I ever showed her or told her) all the financial sacrifices she made for me and my brother growing up. This was one small way I could give back.

 photo photo_zps8ad58d39.jpg

Matt and I courted for five months before we got engaged. (You can read our full love story here). I knew he was serious when he told me he intended to marry me…soon. In those five months, I managed to save $2,000 specifically for wedding costs. So when he proposed on Dec. 2, 2011, we had our budget set….$2,000.

Marriage Isn’t a Game of Mad Libs

Marriage doesn’t happen by accident, and it isn’t sustained by pure chance. It takes work.

You can’t just fill in a random verb or adjective, or hope that random actions will lead to a strong marriage. You have to be intentional about getting to know your spouse. Learning what their needs and wants are. Learning how to best serve them to the glory of God.

Marriage is built on the daily grind of intentional love.

Glazed Snickerdoodles

A friend of mine got married back in December, and she asked me to make roughly 12 dozen snickerdoodles. She had an adorable little dessert bar set up and several ladies from the church contributed. I hadn’t made snickerdoodles since I was in high school, and the ones I made then were really just the ready-to-bake sugar cookies dipped in cinnamon sugar. They’re actually really good, but I wanted to do something homemade for my friend’s wedding.

 photo photo_zpsc388e723.jpgI normally write down my recipes as I go, but I was making such a large batch and I kept adding a little cinnamon here and a little flour there that I had no idea what the breakdown was for a normal batch when all was said and done. I had three people ask me for my recipe and I thought ‘Uh oh…I hope I can recreate this’.

Gluten Free Sugar Cookie Sandwiches

gf sugar cookie sandwiches

As you’ll probably remember, last week I posted my gluten-free sugar cookie recipe on All She Cooks. After I’d baked so many cookies, I decided to take it a step further & I made these delicious sugar cookie sandwiches (that Cara had trouble staying away from).

The cookies have a buttercream frosting filling and a royal icing top, which makes them extra sweet – and exceptionally good with a glass of cold milk.