April Fool’s Day Cupcakes

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A couple of weeks ago, I got a text from Cara asking if I was interested in being a guest blogger on The Helpmates. I was so excited! I try to keep up with every post and I love the variety of tips, recipes, and insight that it provides! What an honor it is to get to be a part of it! In our hometown, I run a growing cake business called Goad a la Mode Cakes. She asked that I come in from time to time and share fun recipes and baking ideas! This is my thing! Blog writing, however? Not my thing. So, prepare yourself…take a seat..and buckle up.. Continue reading

5 DIY Spring Wreaths

My Fall/Christmas wreath is officially out of season. It’s time for a Spring wreath!

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Here are some DIY spring wreath ideas I’ve found and would like to share with you! They all look fairly cheap and easy – that’s how we like it around here! I’ve linked each of them to the original site where they share the directions on how to make it yourself! Continue reading

Embracing This Season of Life

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Be still my beating heart. He is growing so much in the seconds that I blink — please slow down little baby Deacon. I have been guilty of wishing away the hard early stages of Deacon’s life because let’s just face it… The newborn stage is tough. Last night (while I was washing what seemed like a million bottles at 12a.m.) I realized I wasn’t keeping up with my end of the bargain, it was actually more than a bargain. Continue reading

Like the Rain

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It seems that spring is finally here! I’m so glad that the world has thawed and daffodils are sprouting up in my front yard.

But along with all the good things that spring brings, there is also stress. Now that I’m no longer in school, spring doesn’t bring the same kind of busyness as it used to, but there’s still the desire to Get out and Do.

I want to get to the park several times a week to enjoy the weather & stay active, to find time to camp, and take a trip back to Fayetteville, to plan and execute a garden, to get out and explore more of our new city now that it’s not covered in snow.

Continue reading

Gluten Free Tagalongs

Recently, I’ve been seeing Girl Scout cookies everywhere. And it’s only been making me pine for the gluten days when I could crack open a package of Tagalongs (or Peanut Butter Patties as they were called in my scout days) or eat a whole sleeve of thin mints in one sitting.

So I decided to make my own gluten free Tagalongs (they’ve always been my favorite). It took a few tries, but this recipe finally turned out delicious. Though the cookies are a little crumblier and less crunchy than the originals, they taste delicious, and are husband-approved.

 photo gftagalongs_zpsa8d183a1.png Continue reading