Passion & Purity – Review

Another book review! This reading challenge thing is really working – I’ve read two whole books in as many weeks. If the only effect of the challenge is that I’m finally getting myself to read, it’s been well worth it.

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That being said, I strongly recommend that you pick up a copy of Elisabeth Elliot’s Passion and Purity. Rarely have I read a love story so beautifully told. In this book, Elisabeth combines her journals from her college years, memories, biblical and straightforward advice, and an intimate relationship with the Lord. Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Nike!

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Tomorrow, our beloved puppy turns two!

When we decided to get a dog, we wanted something big – a man’s dog. A dog that would make me feel safe when I’m home alone, and that Steve wouldn’t mind being seen walking. We also wanted a dog our kids could grow up with, and a bigger dog is better equipped to handle the rough love that they can dish out. Continue reading

‘I’m Sorry’ is Important for Little Ears to Hear

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Here we are learning a very important lesson… and by we I mean mainly me. I have come to the realization recently that I make my three year old apologize for everything. From knocking the remote off the couch with a car (on purpose), to hitting me in the face, to telling me no when I have told him not to say that to me again, you get the picture. Today, I realized it must really mess with his little mind that I don’t ever apologize when I mess up. I guess I think I get away with it because I’m “in charge”, but that just shouldn’t be the case.

Continue reading

Confessions of a People Pleaser

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Well, there it is. I guess my secret is out. I am in fact, a people pleaser. This is not something that I’m proud of. It’s not the type of thing that I want people to know about me. In fact, most of the time, I don’t even like to admit it to myself. And yet, there it is. Despite my best efforts, it continues to come creeping back. This desire for others to like me. For others to be impressed by the way that I dress, cook, speak, etc. For them to think I’m cool. I even find myself being concerned with how others view my spiritual life. Continue reading

Easter Reflections

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Today is celebrated around the world as “Good Friday” as a reminder of the good God did by ordaining his son to be crucified on our behalf two thousand years ago.  If you think about it, it’s kind of strange that Christians throughout history would celebrate such a gruesome event.  There’s a reason we celebrate Good Friday though, despite all of the horrors Jesus faced that day, and it’s because Easter was just around the corner.  As we get closer to Easter, it’s imperative that we get our hearts and minds right with what we’re actually celebrating – not bunnies and eggs, but a Savior slain for our sins and resurrected to give us life.  We especially appreciated the following blogs and hope you do too! Continue reading