Ruby’s Weekend Visit

This past weekend, I was blessed by the presence of my college roommate, Ruby! It was kind of a last minute thing, but Ruby is welcome anytime. And since she works at Southwest Airlines, it’s much more doable to just fly down from Baltimore at will.

 photo A1B62D97-F458-4919-B5EE-BFAD198D53D4_zpsn8bh9gjz.jpg

Upon her arrival Saturday night, we immediately got in the car to go grab some wings! (Priorities, people!) We got them to-go and met up with Matt at home as he got off work. We tried to watch some Criminal Minds on Netflix after we ate, but Ruby and I just talked the whole time because we had so much catching up to do. Matt kept pausing the show and jokingly saying to us “Are you two done yet?”. Continue reading

DIY Little Stuffed Elephant

My good friend back in Arkansas just had the sweetest little baby girl. When she was pregnant, I let her know that I wanted to make something for her baby. I gave her lots of choices, and eventually decided I’d make her a little stuffed elephant.
 photo elephant26_zpsaa70012c.pngI made Ellie (that’s what I’ve been calling her in my head…) completely from scratch, no pattern pieces or anything. She’s also composed of fabric I already had scraps of on hand, and stuffed with some leftover quilt batting. So she was completely free!
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My Latest Yard Sale Finds – 3

For round three I decided to model a few of my yard sale finds myself. Try not to laugh too hard at my modeling skills. If my 5’5.5″ frame hadn’t already decided my modeling fate for me, I just sealed it by these photos. 

Matt was my photographer, so in most of the pictures I’m laughing or just giving him the ‘Take it already!’ look.  We had fun being completely ridiculous together though, so that’s what counts!

All my finds this time around were clothes, so this one goes out to all the frugal fashion divas out there!

This dress 50 cents! Y’all….it still had the tag on it!! It was priced at $34.99 and then marked down to $8.99, which is what it looks like they bought it for. But not me…50 cents for this lady!

 photo C50F0E98-EB7A-447A-941E-272D6E1CDB6E_zpsoz0appnx.jpg
I apologize in advance for the slightly blurry photos. If I wasn’t laughing, then he was laughing. Seriously, we had way too much fun doing this. Continue reading

Garden Photos (Summer 2014)

I often say that I could stare at a single flower all day if given the chance. Flowers are one of my favorite things God created. The intricate details and brilliant colors make my heart skip a beat. In the past, my flowers have been confined to a vase where they don’t survive all that long. Now that we have a house and have planted our first and second flower gardens, I wake up in awe of the new blooms each morning. I love tending to my flowers every day. Watering, weeding, pruning, but mostly just staring and trying to capture with the camera what I see with my naked eye.

I hope you enjoy some of the photos I’ve taken this summer! Below we have a rose of sharon, some hydrangeas, bergenias, and a hibiscus.

 photo 9E0D609D-F061-4DC2-B0DA-C424C1943DAA_zpscixbqcyz.jpg Continue reading

Counterless Kabobs

 photo 804507B7-B21E-4CEE-9812-205308811FC9_zpsaiugqlpy.jpg

Yes, you read that correctly… Counterless Kabobs! Right after Matt and I moved in to The Krampy Shanty, we decided to remodel the kitchen. It had ended up taking a lot longer than we expected, particularly because of our back-ordered counters.

Having no kitchen counters translated into a lot of grilling out, fast food, and paper plates this summer! Since making these kabobs, we have finally received and installed our counters (praise The Lord!), but I thought I’d still share our silly little experience of making food sans counters. Continue reading