Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

 photo gfchocolatechipcookies_zpsd5655bab.pngIf you’ve spent very much time around either me or Cara, you know the joy that is a mouthful of warm Lasse cookie. Cara shared that recipe and the story behind it last year.

This past Sunday, I was really craving them. So I set out to make a gluten free Lasse cookie recipe. The end result was pretty close to the real thing if Steve & Cara are to be believed.

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Gluten Free Chex Snack Mix

 photo glutenfreechexmix_zps66b8d4b9.pngWhen I was growing up, one of my favorite fall treats was this Chex snack mix that my mom made. At least, I remember it as a fall treat. It might have been something that she made all the time.

Anyway, the recipe is on the side of the Chex mix box, but it has several things (wheat Chex, pretzels, bagel chips) that include wheat. So I decided to modify it… Continue reading

My Latest Yard Sale Finds – 6

I’m back for round 6 of My Latest Yard Sale Finds! Missed the previous posts in this series? Check out the bottom of this post to find the links!

These tennis shoes $3! They make me think of the Ninja Turtles for whatever reason. They are definitely some crazy colors, but you’d be surprised at how many compliments I get on them. I’ve added some paint, dirt, and blood (don’t ask) stains since purchasing them, because I deemed them my work shoes, but oh well!

 photo C757D749-ABDB-472F-80DF-2B80E5363A66_zpska386c95.jpg

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My Latest Yard Sale Finds – 5

I’m back for round 5 of My Latest Yard Sale Finds series! This round is exciting because I found a big item. I’ll ease you into it with some more clothes (my usual find), but stay tuned for my last item because it’s a doozy!

This tank top $1. It can even be worn in cold weather with a cardigan over it!

 photo 6B1F40E1-9D30-4A58-BEE4-A74AF45FAA2C_zpsyirdmrud.jpg
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