Abi Marie {1 Month Old}


Baby Abi turned one month old this week! Usually these months fly by, but with everything Abi had going on in this first month it seems like she’s been around for much longer! I have been to more doctor’s appointments alone with all three kids this past month than I thought I would this whole year! But through it all, we have been super blessed to continue to receive positive news at every corner for Miss Abi.

The Friday Five {1.27.17}


Sanctitiy of Life

This past Sunday, churches across America celebrated Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, which falls every year around the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. As Christians, we are called to value every life, regardless of religion, race, age, abilities, or opinions. We hope that these links help you think more deeply and broadly about what it means to be truly pro-life. 

Baby 3 Bump Collage

It was interesting having a twin pregnancy first, and then going to a singleton less than a year later. Generally women show more with their second child, so I feel like I didn’t get an accurate comparison between singletons and twins because of this. I think I show later in pregnancies in general, but I do feel like my bump appeared sooner this time, especially considering the fact that there was just one baby in there! And it wasn’t until about the mid 20s that I could really see a significant difference between my singleton and twin bump size… at least not in the photos.

The Friday Five {1.13.17}


It’s time for another weekly roundup!

Caring for Orphans

1. Foster Children Need the Church – This article & video by The Gospel Coalition is something that every Christian needs to hear. God calls us to lay down our lives for orphans, and the church in America is failing these children. Both of our families hope to get involved with foster care sometime soon, and we pray that you’ll look into it, too!