When Church is Family

when church is familyI was going to write a post about something completely different today, but then the mail came this morning. Nike barked at the mean man for daring to deliver a package, and I went out in my pajamas (yes, it was 10:30, and I was still pajama-clad) and pulled the package inside. I eagerly opened it – getting mail is always exciting! Continue reading

The Friday Five {2.24.17}



 First American Missionaries

1. George Lisle – I was always taught that Adoniram Judson was the first American missionary, and he is the first entry to pop up when you google that phrase. However, if you look closely at his Wikipedia page, you’ll notice that it says he’s the first Caucasian American missionary. That’s because George Lisle, a former slave, left America to become a successful missionary in Jamaica 30 years before Judson was sent to Burma. How did I just hear of him 4 days ago? Continue reading

Undefeated White Chicken Chili

 photo AEB5C2E9-FD14-45B9-A93F-14E1D077CAF0_zpsbxepthyn.jpg


I’m totally going to lose the church chili cook-off this Fall now that I’m writing such a prideful blog post, but it’s time for the world to know the secret to success…. at a Southern Baptist church chili cook-off at least. But just remember, pride before the fall.

My recipe was also featured on All She Cooks a few years back, here’s that link if you’re interested!
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