The Friday Five {3.31.17}


1. The Bible Project – This website has a ton of well-designed Bible study materials. My favorites are their videos that give an overview of books of the Bible, which you can find compiled on their YouTube page. These videos are helpful for me when starting a study in a new book since they give a great overview of the historical context, the context within the Bible, and the literary features within the book.

April 2017 Bujo Spreads {Cara}

I just recently finished up my first bullet journal. It didn’t take me long at all, but mostly because I used it for a little bit of everything to get my feet wet. I experimented with designs, fonts, layouts, and which spreads I found most useful to me… habit trackers, monthly spreads, weeklies, and so on. Not to mention the countless pages devoted to Cherish and Liam drawings… my favorite pages!!!

2017 Justice Conference

stronger together

Over the last few months, Steve & I have been talking and reading a lot about the past century of African American history, lingering racial injustice & structural inequality, and the church’s role in racial reconciliation.

We’ve talked extensively together and we’ve talked with a few people in our church about how we can better address racial reconciliation in our congregation. Then, a few weeks ago, Steve & I got to attend the Stronger Together 2017 Justice Conference here in Oklahoma City.

5 Reasons Why I Love Aldi

1. The Prices

I’ve been able to consistently stick to a grocery budget of $50/week for our family of two since shopping at Aldi (four technically – but the twins’ breast milk diet hasn’t changed our budget yet!). This isn’t just our food either! I’m talking toilet paper, paper towels, detergents, trash bags, etc. too! I wouldn’t be able to keep our grocery budget this low if my primary source of grocery shopping was done elsewhere. I’ve tried and failed.

The Friday Five {3.17.17}


1. “My daughter has got a bigger purpose in life” – This sweet couple goes to my (Lisa’s) church. It’s been encouraging watching them go through this trial and see their faith strengthen as their pregnancy progresses. The Youngs, and our church alongside them, have done a great job of living out Romans 12:15, rejoicing over Eva’s life & preparing to mourn over her death. Pray for them as Eva’s delivery day gets closer.

For These Children I Have Prayed

 photo CE615886-41EE-458D-8F34-B58FAC6D6BE3_zps8j54c7gj.jpg
While Matt and I have not experienced infertility anywhere near the level of so many of our friends, we did experience a tiny taste of it. It took us a little over two years to get pregnant the first time. And while I was not thankful for it at the time, I really am thankful we went through that now. I think if I didn’t experience that pain of the waiting period, then I wouldn’t be as earnest to pray for the infertile as I am now.