The Friday Five {5.19.17}


Bible Study

1. Bible Reading is An Art – This video is where I’m at right now. You probably saw the Bible reading plan I (Cara) shared on May 1st on the blog. I’ve been so eager lately to read the Bible every single chance I get. This has been a hard season of life for me, and I felt an urging to get in God’s Word more. It has impacted my heart in many, many ways – particularly in my parenting (more on that another day!). But I just wanted to share this video and encourage you to carve out the time to just get in the word every day.

The Friday Five {5.5.17}


Remembering Eva Grace

Royce & Keri Young go to my (Lisa’s) church. We don’t know them too well, but Keri & I had almost the same due date, and we had some similar pregnancy issues because she was retaining enough fluid to look like she was carrying twins. We bonded over swollen ankles & nonstress tests. In the short time I’ve known her, it’s clear that Keri is a sweet person and full of joy, even in these past months of pain and heartbreak.

The Kieklak Twins {Birth Story}

On Monday, April 10th, I went in to the hospital for my nonstress test as usual. They continued to monitor me for preeclampsia, and check that the boys weren’t in distress. Everything looked great. The nurse did note that I was having some contractions, but that wasn’t abnormal for me during these tests.

I went home and went about my day, and Steve & I even went to watch some of the youth kids play baseball that evening. We went to bed like normal, fully expecting nothing to happen on the baby front until my next appointment on Thursday.

Then at 1:30, I got up to go to the bathroom and my water broke. We put our bags in the car (and I grabbed a protein bar, since I’m not a fan of just eating ice chips for hours) and headed to the hospital. We got there around 2:15, and by 2:45 they’d confirmed that my water had broken and moved me to a labor and delivery room. I was just dilated to 1, and even though I was having contractions, I couldn’t feel them at all, so they started me on pitocin.