25 MORE Things to Do Instead of Spending Money

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As promised, here are 25 more things to do instead of spending money! Missed my first post? Click here.

26. Visit a park. Take a friend, take a dog, just get outside.

27. Read online articles, essays, and blogs.

28. Shop Craigslist for free items. Sometimes people aren’t looking to make money, they just want you to come haul away their old couch.

29. Take artsy photos. Take photos of nature, food, pets, friends, etc. Find a free photo editing app and have fun with it!

30. Build a fort.

31. Serve a friend for a day. Know someone who could use a little help? Perhaps a new mom or a widow? Call them up and offer to come clean their house, babysit their kids, accompany them to the park, etc.

32. If you have a blog, write a new post!

33. Eat out with gift cards. I don’t know about y’all, but I always seem to have unused gift cards in my wallet. Maybe today is the day to use them and treat yourself to a nice meal out!

34. Write a Thank You card to someone who has impacted your life.

35. Hunt for 4-leaf clovers. 

36. Watch funny YouTube videos.

37. Have a friend over for coffee. It’s nice to go out to coffee shops, but if you don’t have the money then you don’t have the money. Just ask a friend over to your house for coffee instead!

38. Breakfast in bed. Even if it’s just cereal, there’s something sweet about breakfast in bed. 

39. Learn a new hairstyle. Lisa and I learned how to french braid hair by practicing on each other during our roommate days!

40. Clean out your makeup bag. 

41. Shop your own closet for new outfit combinations.

42. Go hiking.

43. Paint your nails. If you’re feeling really fancy, do a full blown mani/pedi.

44. Have friends over to play board games. 

45. Camp in your backyard (or living room).

46. Listen to a podcast.

47. Write a poem. Serious or goofy, it’s fun to write poetry!

48. Clean out your closet. Donate some clothes or set them aside for a yard sale down the road.

49. Wash your bedding.

50. Refashion old clothes into new ones. Lisa is really good at this one!

What are some other ideas that come to mind? Share them with us in the comments!

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