5 Reasons Why I Love Aldi

1. The Prices

I’ve been able to consistently stick to a grocery budget of $50/week for our family of two since shopping at Aldi (four technically – but the twins’ breast milk diet hasn’t changed our budget yet!). This isn’t just our food either! I’m talking toilet paper, paper towels, detergents, trash bags, etc. too! I wouldn’t be able to keep our grocery budget this low if my primary source of grocery shopping was done elsewhere. I’ve tried and failed.

Do I shop only at Aldi? Pretty much. There are a handful of items (more wants than needs) that I can’t get at Aldi, so the last week of every month I shop at Kroger instead of Aldi. I still use a $50 budget at Kroger, but I don’t get nearly as much stuff as I would have gotten at Aldi.

2. The Employees

Aldi treats their employees very well. I love that about Aldi! I feel good knowing my money is going to a company that values their employees. Their cashiers on average make $3/hour more than cashiers at Kroger, Wal-mart and Meijer. They are paid very well, but they also work very hard for their money. I’ve never met a lazy Aldi employee. They are always busting their tails to get stuff done, but they never hesitate to help if you need to interrupt them for a question.

3. The Size

Big grocery stores intimidate me! I realize this might be a silly reason to love Aldi more than the giant super centers, but it’s true. I like always having a parking spot. I like getting to park close to the door. I like being able to see the entire store when I walk in. I like knowing where to find things. I like that if I forgot something on the first aisle, it’s a short walk back there no matter where I’m at. I just like it!

4. The Community

When I shop at Kroger or other larger grocery stores, I’ve found that most people try to avoid eye contact with each other. Everyone just seems to go about their own business, checking items of their list and getting out as quickly as possible. I know that’s not always the case, but it’s definitely the norm (in my experiences).

At Aldi, everyone is so friendly, whether striking up conversation to offer a quarter for your cart or giving you a cart for free just because – the people are always so kind to one another. I’ve had the privilege of getting to buy a small set of groceries for an elderly lady who forgot her cash at home. She insisted on mailing me the $10, even though I insisted she didn’t worry about it (she did it anyway). When I bring the twins with me, everyone is so quick to help grab my milk or watermelon for me. I’ve had people offer to bag my groceries, push my cart, and even to load my car for me! The people I meet when shopping at Aldi always manage to brighten my day, both the customers and employees!

5. The Variety

Some people might find it annoying that Aldi doesn’t carry the exact same specialty items all the time, but not me… I love it! I like change. (I know, I’m weird.) I love moving cities, I love making new friends, trying out new restaurants, and buying different foods! It’s fun to me. So the fact that Aldi has ‘special buys’ that are only here until they’re gone is exciting for me. I change up my grocery list on the fly a lot of times to accommodate fun, new items. I like that we get to try out different foods than we normally eat. I know I can count on them to always have my staples like eggs and milk (for 25 cents a gallon yesterday!!!), but I also love the variety I get with the specialty buys too.

Moral of the story, Aldi is just the best grocery store. Like ever.

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