50+ Stocking Stuffers For Men

If you do stockings for Christmas (and I hope you do), then you know it can sometimes be hard to think of stuffers year after year. My mom was always the best at stockings. A good portion of my ideas for these next two posts have come from years of benefiting from her amazing stocking stuffing skills. Thanks, Mom!

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I tried to stay on the frugal side, with most of these items coming in under $5. Here’s my list for the men today and Wednesday I’ll post a list for women.

1. Pocket Knife
2. Gum/Mints
3. Gift Cards for Lunches
4. Wrist Watch
5. Body Spray
6. Shop Rags
7. Fireworks
8. Camping Food
9. Tennis Balls
10. Boxers
11. Headphones
12. Candy Bars
13. Deck of Cards
14. Bottle Opener
15. Wallet
16. Poem/Letter
17. Contact Solution
18. Pipe/Tobacco
19. Fishing Hooks/Line/Bait
20. Belt
21. Armor All Wipes
22. Zippo Lighter
23. Small Tools
24. Chapstick
25. iTunes Gift Card
26. Journal
27. Beef Jerky
28. Golf Balls/Tees
29. Movie Tickets
30. Wool Socks
31. Cigars
32. Deodorant
33. Books
34. Visa Gift Card
35. Bow Tie
36. Sharpening Stone
37. Cell Phone Case
38. Local Ground Coffee
39. Gloves
40. Nerf Gun
41. Lottery Tickets
42. Car Air Fresheners
43. Guitar Picks/Strings
44. Travel Coffee Mug
45. Undershirts
46. Disposable Razors
47. Shaving Cream
48. Pens
49. Ammo For Hunters
50. Matches
51. Neck Tie
52. Coffee Shop Gift Card
53. Hair Gel
54. Whiskey Stones
55. Ice Scraper
56. Leatherman

Hopefully these will help your manly man feel loved this Christmas! Look for my next post on stocking stuffer ideas for women in two days!

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  1. Thanks so much for this list, I found great ideas for my bf and my dad!

    1. So glad to hear it! 🙂 I hope they liked their gifts!

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