Letters to My Littles {1.1.15}

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dear baby A & B

You two are quite the pair! Mommy and Daddy had our third ultrasound yesterday, and you are both growing so big so fast. It was fun for us to finally get to see your skeletal structure this time around – your Daddy thought that was especially cool!

Mommy is loving the way you fascinate our sweet ultrasound tech each visit with your heart rates being the exact same. You both measured at 173 bpm at 8 weeks, 156 bpm at 12 weeks, and 143 bpm at 17 weeks.

Like I said…quite the pair. You gave us a scare at the 12 week appointment because Dr. Brown first tried to check your heartbeats on the doppler, but since you had the exact same rate, she was worried she was only reading one baby. We all laughed about it once we saw your sweet faces safe and sound on the ultrasound, snuggling so close to each other with the exact same heart rate once again.

Yesterday we were hoping to find out if y’all are little boys or little girls. Baby B…we now know your gender, but we’re keeping it a secret from everyone else for a little longer. Why? Because your little womb-mate, Baby A, decided to cross his or her little legs yesterday and wouldn’t let us see anything! Silly baby! We just laughed again, because we love seeing your little personalities even through a machine.

You’re definitely worth all the ‘inconveniences’ you’ve caused your Mommy so far. I told Daddy the other day “this is the happiest I’ve ever been to be so sick all the time”. While it’s made things more challenging, we still just feel as happy as can be that you’re here and you’re ours.

You’re little miracles from God and we can’t wait to hold you in our arms and kiss your little noses one day. But stay strong and keep growing inside of me for now, we’ll see you face to face soon enough. Less than 5 months to go!

with all our love heart

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