An Exercise in Humility

I had this totally fun Christmas craft lined up to post tonight. I found these glasses yesterday when my mom & I went to World Market, and I thought that all they needed to be perfect was a little custom paint. So I bought them, and picked up some paint pens that promised permanence.
 photo take13_zps5ec386d8.pngWell, they lied. I guess that’s where this world’s promises get you: nowhere.

So, while I wanted to show off my cute holiday glasses…
 photo take12_zps394f114d.png…now all I have to show is the ruined paint.

 photo take11_zps4655258a.pngTonight, I come to you humbled in the midst of my failure – but never fear! I’m going to get this right! When we fail in our lives, we head to the scriptures to get back to the foundation: the gospel.

When we fail in crafts, we head to Pinterest. I’m determined to do my research (which I should have done in the first place) and find out how to get permanent paint on a glass surface.

Hopefully within the week, I’ll be able to come to you with a success. If you have any ideas or suggestions, I welcome them!

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