April 2017 Bujo Spreads {Cara}

I just recently finished up my first bullet journal. It didn’t take me long at all, but mostly because I used it for a little bit of everything to get my feet wet. I experimented with designs, fonts, layouts, and which spreads I found most useful to me… habit trackers, monthly spreads, weeklies, and so on. Not to mention the countless pages devoted to Cherish and Liam drawings… my favorite pages!!!

Through that, I decided that I really liked my habit tracker and weekly spread the best. And a couple of months ago, I found a layout that combined them! I think I’m going to stick with this same layout for my whole bullet journal this time, instead of changing it up so much. At least that’s the current plan! I’ll change up the doodles and colors of course, but I’d really like to try to keep this as my overall design pattern, with a simple intro page as a divider between the months.

So, without further ado….here are my April 2017 bullet journal spreads:

 photo FD742268-614C-4009-ADED-AB570B06206C_zps0sgtxm06.jpg
 photo 84FB660B-6C85-40F5-9053-8763BE6203A5_zpschmie9pi.jpg
 photo 6B1EC085-77FB-4D5E-81FA-5DBCF4F81F7F_zps4wdzzsou.jpg
 photo 55351E95-3719-4EE5-93C9-D41828382C3E_zpsgldo3i55.jpg
 photo B62D6521-1CA0-4089-BE85-B6712D7F14B9_zpsilg0g9g7.jpg
 photo AD74BA71-1968-4A49-81A7-CC52B7259248_zps8nnqtsas.jpg

And in case you’re confused about this whole thing and wondering what these pages started as, here ya go… basically nothing, haha! Just little dots (bullets) on blank pages.

 photo D2D413A3-4B7D-4EB9-BA2C-E651DA84C368_zpsc9pycvaj.jpg

I really enjoyed making my first bullet journal, which like I said, ended up being kind of a catch-all, and I’m even more excited about this new one! I’ll post my spreads each month as I go.

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Lover of all things sweet…my husband, our twins +1, our adorable cocker spaniel, and Reese’s peanut butter cups. But I know none sweeter than the name of Jesus.

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