April Showers

April showers typically bring May flowers, but not this time. This time they’re bringing rainboots, which totally makes more sense… or at least just as much sense.

We decided to forgo the typical Easter baskets filled with miles of sugar this year and opted for rain boots stuffed with new jammies instead!

Our kids are obsessed with rainboots. They want to wear them all the time, even just around the house. I think the fun colors, cool designs, and comfort make them a hit for all kiddos.

And moms love them too! I was just talking to a mom this morning about how much we love kids in rainboots.

-They’re easy for kids to put them on themselves, especially these kind with the ‘handles’.
-They’re easy to clean!
-They fit forever! Just buy a tad big and they still stay on and you get a lot more wear out of them.
-They’re good for all seasons!

The twins also love getting new clothes, especially Cherish. My little shopper! So we got them new jammies with things they loved on them – dinosaurs for Cherish and cars for Liam!

I love seeing the joy on their faces when we give them something they truly love, and bonus points when it’s something practical that they need too. I’m sure the rainboots will be a big hit this year in the Kramp house, and who knows… maybe it’ll start a new tradition for us!

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