The Young Widow & The Church (Part 3)

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As I shared in my previous post, I have been hurt by a few thoughtless people. That is going to happen. But I have also been blessed beyond measure by hundreds of others. As I was praying over writing this, God brought many back to mind:

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The Young Widow & The Church (Part 1)

Several months ago, Cara and Lisa approached me about writing a post for The Helpmates regarding how the church could assist widows. In 1992, my husband passed away from cardiomyopathy after an eight month illness. I was 34 and my kids were 4 and 6. I have been a widow now over twice as long as I was a wife so perhaps the word ‘young’ in the title no longer applies. I would like to share with you 3 simple ways to reach out to a widow.

Whenever a woman loses her husband, she becomes a member of a sorority no one ever wants to join. No matter if she has only been married a few years or has just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, whether she has small children at home or lots and lots of great-grands scattered across the country, no woman wants to have to face the death of her husband. Still many of us do become widows.

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The Bible is clear that God cares for and values widows and orphans: