Baby 3 Bump Collage

It was interesting having a twin pregnancy first, and then going to a singleton less than a year later. Generally women show more with their second child, so I feel like I didn’t get an accurate comparison between singletons and twins because of this. I think I show later in pregnancies in general, but I do feel like my bump appeared sooner this time, especially considering the fact that there was just one baby in there! And it wasn’t until about the mid 20s that I could really see a significant difference between my singleton and twin bump size… at least not in the photos.

 photo 9554743D-6D39-44EB-9C5B-7BA485C18A15_zpsoblse6nc.png

And here’s my twin bump collage again for comparison…

 photo 21CF27A3-B46D-4F6F-8CDA-8F83DB96075A_zps7tbolwyv.png

I’m so thankful I was given the gift of experiencing both a twin and singleton pregnancy. God has been so good to our little family!

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