Baby Kieklak {first trimester}

week 13

Here’s my first trimester recap, and I’ll try to post monthly updates from here on out.

Total weight gain at 13 weeks: 10 lbs

So far my pregnancy symptoms haven’t been too bad.


From about 6 weeks to 10 weeks I was the most nauseous. But I quickly figured out that if I ate small, frequent meals as soon as I started to feel hungry, I could ward off the nausea. There were certainly foods that I did NOT want: meat, eggs, most veggies. I mostly ate rice, black beans, greek yogurt, strawberries, salads, mashed potatoes, orange juice, and cereal.

I felt the worst when I didn’t eat frequently enough, and when I smelled meat cooking. We were still living with Steve’s parents at the time, so I usually stayed in our room during dinner time so I didn’t have to smell it. It was definitely good for Steve that he had someone else cooking for him!

Meat is still something that I’m mostly avoiding – I try to get protein from yogurt, nuts, and beans. I do cook something with turkey or chicken about once a week. I’m trying to just suck it up and cook and eat things that don’t always sound good to me, and it’s been mostly working so far.

I have had some blood sugar problems, and I’ve gotten close to passing out twice. I’ve always been hypoglycemic, but I think my blood sugar crashes a lot faster now that I’m pregnant. I’ve started keeping snacks in my purse and orange juice in Steve’s office at church.


I’ve definitely been much more tired than usual so far. I try to get plenty of sleep at night and I also usually get in a nap in the afternoon. Sometimes it just hits me and I pretty much lose all cognitive function until I sleep. In the last few weeks, I’ve had a couple nights that I had trouble sleeping. I’m usually a great sleeper, so any tossing and turning at all is a new thing for me.


Steve has been amazing. He gets me everything I want, from a takeout Cesar salad from the restaurant down the road, or cupcakes from the one place that has gluten free cupcakes that’s a half hour away. He gives amazing back rubs, takes me home early from things when I get tired, and makes sure I always have everything I need. I try not to be too needy, but I know I’ve been annoying and unreasonable, especially when I can’t think of anything that sounds good to eat. Sorry, Steve!


The best part of the pregnancy so far has been getting to see the baby and hear the heartbeat! I’m also glad to no longer be taking progesterone and estrogen. For the first 12 weeks I was taking 8 pills a day and an estrogen cream on my arm. Now that the placenta has formed, I’m just taking my regular supplements, which is much easier to remember.

We’re hoping to find out the gender at our next appointment, so my next update will have that exciting announcement! Thanks for all your prayers and support – this little Kieklak is already so loved!

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p.s. – You can check out our entire embryo adoption journey here!

UPDATE: It turns out both embryos survived, we just didn’t find out until our 18 week ultrasound! We’re expecting twin boys!

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  1. Smelling meat bothered me too. Lee did the grocery shopping because I couldn’t walk down the meat aisle. Oh, and get a maternity pillow if you don’t already have one. I got a Snoogle (which I named Thor) and it has helped me as sleep has only gotten harder. We’re excited for you guys and look forward to more updates.

    1. I’ll definitely be getting a pillow, my sister is giving me all her maternity/baby stuff and I know she loved her pillow. We’re excited for y’all too! You’re in the home stretch, good luck!

  2. Many thanks for the update! Prayers and Good wishes! Take care!

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