Bed Frame Makeover

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I’ll go ahead and say from the beginning that all I did to this bed frame was spray paint it. Nothing fancy about this post at all, I just wanted to show you how big of a difference you can make with minimal effort and money.

I’ve been browsing the home decor section on Pinterest a lot more lately (I wonder why?), and I have discovered a deep love for white metal bed frames. So, when this hand-me-down frame was given to us, I decided to paint it white for our guest bedroom.

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I had my handyman (AKA Husband) take it apart for me, and then I just took it out back and spray painted it one piece at a time. I was lucky that this frame was only 4 pieces!

 photo 9BA369BC-4BEF-4824-877B-A2E5E7CB222E_zpsiurbd9l2.jpg

I got a spray paint that was primer and paint in 1, a nice gloss finish. It only took one coat!

 photo 91A4D9C0-C95F-443B-A675-F6F9FA33692F_zpsqwfpqab3.jpg

I did a layer on one side then let it dry (at minimum 2 hours), then flipped and finished the second side. I let each piece sit over 24 hours before trying to reconstruct it or bring it inside.

 photo 8A046F61-3E0F-4933-89A7-0D6B477A6FAC_zpsokauwrh4.jpg

I did it throughout one work week, so I was working with about 4 hours of sunlight each night. It worked out great to do one piece start to finish each night.

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Matt and I traded off to avoid getting high off fumes, my goodness it was stinky!

 photo D2C3308C-251B-45E3-9FED-1CC6956470C2_zpsfrud5lm4.jpg

And I had my handyman rebuild it for me when I was finished.

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I went with some new white fluffy bedding, a hand-me-down gold bedskirt and patterned sheets.

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There’s just something about a white metal bed frame. Maybe it’s just me, but I think they look so country, yet so chic at the same time. I just love it!

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  1. This looks great! Ive been looking to paint my ugly brown and rusted bed frame and I might finally do it! 😀

  2. Wow Cara-that looks great! You’re a wise young lady, very clever. Love it!

    1. Thank you! I can’t wait to post more of our furniture remodels!

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