Camping {A Weekend in Retrospect}

This weekend, Steve & I went camping at Daniel Boone National Forest. The weather was amazing, we had a really nice campsite, and overall there was a lot of relaxing.

 photo camping1_zps14b7b867.pngWe had bacon (twice), s’mores, fire-roasted apple crisp, and of course regular meals. There was also a fair amount of Bananagrams. Steve was especially proud of his round of rhyming pairs.

 photo camping5_zps5a563434.png

 photo camping6_zps8c262019.pngNaturally, there were copious amounts of hot tea and coffee, as is the Kieklak way.

 photo camping3_zpsf12a79c5.png

 photo camping2_zpsd1dcd818.png

 photo camping4_zpsf8271a24.pngWe went on a short hike to what was supposed to be a scenic overlook of the lake…

 photo camping8_zpsf553cde3.png…unfortunately, the lake was barely visible over the trees.

 photo camping9_zpsbdfbe296.pngNike was still pretty impressed (it doesn’t take much for her).

 photo camping10_zps2d888ba3.png

 photo camping7_zps5e085b1f.pngI did find some pretty wildflowers, though, so the hike wasn’t a total bust. They fancied up our dinner nicely.

 photo camping12_zpsec0b982d.png

 photo camping11_zps4ad9c6df.pngThen there was some after dinner card play with some Virgil’s on the side. A light rain ended the game early, but we didn’t mind. There was still a little rain when we cooked breakfast this morning, but it wasn’t too bad.


 photo camping13_zps653598fa.pngSince getting home, I’ve done about four loads of laundry (not all pictured) and I’m working on cleaning and re-packing our camping supplies – we’ve also watched a couple episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which is currently one of our favorite shows.

 photo camping14_zps5f877dfb.png photo camping15_zpsc46b786d.pngNow it’s drizzling and grey outside & call me crazy, but I love it. The forecast promises a lot more rain this week, so I’m hoping for many evenings of tea, blankets, and reading.

Tell me about your weekend adventures in the comments!

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