Camping {A Weekend in Retrospect}

This weekend, Steve & I went camping at Daniel Boone National Forest. The weather was amazing, we had a really nice campsite, and overall there was a lot of relaxing & drinking hot drinks, as is the Kieklak way.

camping 1

camping 2

camping 3

camping 4

camping 5

camping 6

camping 7

camping 8

camping 10

camping 11

camping 12

camping 13

Since getting home, I’ve done about four loads of laundry (not all pictured) and I’m working on cleaning and re-packing our camping supplies – we’ve also watched a couple episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which is currently one of our favorite shows.

camping 14

camping 15

Now it’s drizzling and grey outside & call me crazy, but I love it. The forecast promises a lot more rain this week, so I’m hoping for many evenings of tea, blankets, and reading.

Tell me about your weekend adventures in the comments!

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