Completed April 2017 Bujo Spreads {Cara}

 photo 06CC5F26-DFC9-493B-AA1D-02705FA0EE3D_zpsuevnjisn.jpg

I’ve had lots of people ask what my bullet journal spreads look like after I’ve written in them, so I decided to make a post with my completed April spreads so you can see them for yourself!

 photo 1EB8D581-EF19-44F8-BF98-8C2E0BC694E8_zpsq8zyu8ry.jpg


I usually just plan our dinners, but I tried planning breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks this week. I didn’t like it, haha! So, back to just dinners it is!

 photo 060FDB83-3378-40E0-B001-D1E4E2E3F7A8_zpsfszxf9fe.jpg

 photo 175DE06F-E88E-4C2D-86A7-DB8C1DB64547_zpstynpxoet.jpg

 photo B8B12255-6ADB-4EFA-BE13-0380D14A8B43_zpss4subjsr.jpg

 photo 82A4C1FC-F59C-4E94-B2AA-E653AB79D0BC_zps49q7x4uu.jpg

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