Confessions of a Fall Fanatic

fayetteville fall 11

I love fall.

We covered this last year in the many posts about apple and pumpkin flavored things & fall decor – and there will be more this year, I promise.

fayetteville fall 10

The week before we moved away from Fayetteville last year, I took a walk around campus to capture all the leaf-changing glory.

fayetteville fall 6

fayetteville fall 7

fayetteville fall 9

fayetteville fall 5

fayetteville fall 1

fayetteville fall 8

fayetteville fall 2

fayetteville fall 4
fayetteville fall 3

The leaves have started changing here in Louisville, and it’s just as beautiful as Fayetteville. I remembered these pictures & had to share my favorites with you – Happy Fall!

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Explorer & adventurer – mostly through scratches of ink on a page – I enjoy my husband, our twin boys, our boisterous German shepherd, and strive to live for the glory of God.
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2 comments to Confessions of a Fall Fanatic

  1. Sarah Jo says:

    Thanks for this! I’ve been missing Fayetteville lately…

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