Count Your Blessings Challenge

Lisa and I are going to go against the grain and initiate an Instagram Challege of counting your blessings on Black Friday of all days. It will begin today and carry on through the end of the year. Don’t worry if you don’t have Instagram, you can still participate with Facebook or Twitter. I’ll be posting my photos on all three!

Count Your Blessings

I LOVE the statuses that you see in November of something you’re thankful for everyday. It’s so refreshing to see everyone being grateful this time of year. It shouldn’t stop after Thanksgiving though. We’re live in a culture that makes that kind of difficult. The biggest shopping day in the country is the day right after we’re supposedly ‘thankful’ for everything we have.

Lisa and I want to help stir one another on to a lifestyle of thankfulness, not just a day or a month. So, this challenge is just a small way to help us actively praise God for blessings all year round, not just in November. Remember that our gifts should never become an item of worship themselves, they should lead us to worship the giver of all things good, Jesus Christ.

Here’s how the challenge will work…

Below is a list Lisa and I have compiled of what you will post about each day. Either refer to this blog post or follow our photos on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter (links to our accounts on the right) to know what to post about. Just make sure you use the hashtag #hmblessings so we can follow what you post!

November 29th (TODAY!) – Family
November 30th – Something patterned
December 1st – Your view for the day
December 2nd – Something circular
December 3rd – A Psalm
December 4th – Something you use every day
December 5th – Your shoes
December 6th – Something black & white
December 7th – Something you made
December 8th – A place you want to go back to
December 9th – Friends
December 10th – A book
December 11th – A favorite memory
December 12th – Something old
December 13th – Something scary
December 14th – Your main method of transportation
December 15th – Your favorite holiday drink
December 16th – Something broken
December 17th – A smell…preferably a good smell
December 18th – A Bible verse
December 19th – Something permanent
December 20th – A handwritten letter
December 21st – Something red
December 22nd – Someone you miss
December 23rd – What you’re eating today
December 24th – Someone you look up to
December 25th – A tradition
December 26th – Something new
December 27th – A furry friend
December 28th – Something sweet
December 29th – A transformation
December 30th – Someone who makes you laugh
December 31st – Something you want to do in 2014

Ok, there’s your list! You’re all ready to go. Don’t forget to hashtag #hmblessings so we can all see what each other posts!

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“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.” -James 1:17

Lover of all things sweet…my husband, our twins +1, our adorable cocker spaniel, and Reese’s peanut butter cups. But I know none sweeter than the name of Jesus.

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