DIY Curtains on a Budget

budget curtains

In our adorable new rental house, we have some living room windows that were just begging for curtains. I wanted to keep the look of the room pretty neutral, so I found these cute curtains at Walmart:

budget curtains 1

I’m on a budget, so I didn’t feel like swinging for two curtain panels for both windows (for a total of four), since I have pretty small windows. So instead, I decided to buy two panels – one for each window – and cut them in half to get the two curtain look. They were $18 a piece.

I really liked the look of the muted brown against our pale blue walls.

budget curtains 2

But, they were about 8 inches too short.

budget curtains 3

So I grabbed a yard of white duck canvas from Hobby Lobby (for about $5) to add a white stripe across the top of the curtains.

budget curtains 4

I folded up the curtain and cut it in two about a foot down from the top of the curtain.

budget curtains 5

budget curtains 6

And sewed an 8-inch strip of the white canvas in between the two pieces.

budget curtains 7

budget curtains 8

Now they’re the perfect length!

budget curtains 10

Then I cut it right up the middle, and hemmed the inside seams. But not before I forgot that these curtains are more plastic than fabric and that I shouldn’t use the iron to hold the seam down. So, word to the wise, use pins!

budget curtains 11

budget curtains 12

I had to use a little of the white fabric to make a new tab thing on one half of the curtain, since it ended up all on the other half when I cut it up the middle.

budget curtains 14

And there ya go! Curtains that are long enough and half the price of four curtain panels. So, that’s a total of four panels for two windows for just over $40.

budget curtains 15

And even Nike approves!

budget curtains 16

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