DIY Plaid Scarf

 photo diyflannelscarf_zps184ac7e7.pngThis scarf idea was born of my fall fever and the giant pile of my husband’s old clothes that I’ve saved for years hoping to reuse them. It looks like I finally found a new use for this one!

 photo diyflannelscarf8_zpse2040689.pngThis is basically a tutorial for making a tshirt scarf out of a shirt that isn’t knit. Tshirts are usually made of knit, so you don’t need to worry about fraying or needing to finish the edges. With this plaid button-up, that’s going to be an issue.

To start, you just cut off the bottom section of the shirt and cut off the rounded bottom, so you end up with a tube of fabric that’s about 12 inches from top to bottom.

 photo diyflannelscarf11_zps932987bd.png
 photo diyflannelscarf12_zps6d4be2f7.pngOnce again, since we’re not working with stretchy knit, we’ll need to make the existing tube a little larger by adding in a section from the back of the shirt. About 12 inches tall, and as wide as you can get it.

 photo diyflannelscarf13_zps97199b50.png
 photo diyflannelscarf14_zps40bb2a34.pngTo sew the two pieces together, first cut out one of the side seams of the tube piece.

 photo diyflannelscarf9_zpsc5cca6a4.pngThen sew the smaller piece into the larger one with WRONG sides together.

 photo diyflannelscarf2_zps41149aba.png
 photo diyflannelscarf1_zps03dcfa0d.pngThen fold the seam over on top of itself and sew again, encasing the unfinished edges in a little tube.

Sew the tube down to create a nice finished seam & repeat these steps to sew the other side of the short piece into the other side of the large piece.

 photo diyflannelscarf3_zpsc9bf2051.png

 photo diyflannelscarf4_zpsb2223245.pngNow sew both sides of the button flap down.

 photo diyflannelscarf10_zps7e18dc71.pngAll that’s left is to finish out the side seams.

Fold over the edges of the side seams twice and press well with an iron. Make sure you’re folding them to the inside of the shirt (i.e. my shirt is inside out in this picture). photo diyflannelscarf5_zps790d8db1.pngSew along the edge of the fold on both sides and you’re done! photo diyflannelscarf7_zps66ac77ad.png

 photo diyflannelscarf6_zps38624923.pngNow put it on and go find a pile of leaves to jump in!

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  1. Sarah Jo says:

    That’s adorable! <3

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