For These Children I Have Prayed

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While Matt and I have not experienced infertility anywhere near the level of so many of our friends, we did experience a tiny taste of it. It took us a little over two years to get pregnant the first time. And while I was not thankful for it at the time, I really am thankful we went through that now. I think if I didn’t experience that pain of the waiting period, then I wouldn’t be as earnest to pray for the infertile as I am now.

But God did allow us to go through that pain, and it changed me. Those two years of waiting were so very hard. The not knowing if and when I’d ever be a mother. Wanting month after month to see a positive pregnancy test, and my womb still remaining empty.

In January of 2016, I made it a New Year’s Resolution to pray more fervently for the infertile couples I knew. At the time, I knew of four couples who had shared with me that they were hoping and trying for children, but it just wasn’t happening yet.

I don’t always bat one thousand when it comes to keeping New Years Resolutions, but this one I kept. I prayed for these couples to become parents every time they came to mind, which was a lot. No matter how improbable they were told it was, I still prayed boldly for God to bless all 4 with children of their own, because I knew He could! I didn’t know that He would, but I knew that it was a good desire and I knew He had the power to do it.

In February, one of those four friends sent a text saying they were expecting their first child in August! Wow. God had answered my prayer so quickly! I couldn’t believe it! Her little boy was born in late July and is just the most precious thing. Her and her husband are the best parents! He is one blessed little boy!

This spurred me on even more, and I kept praying.

In April, God answered another prayer and Lisa became pregnant after their first embryo transfer! We were sooo excited for them, and then we mourned for them when she miscarried both babies.

So I kept praying.

In August, Lisa traveled back to Louisville for her second embryo transfer. I prayed so hard that these two babies would not only survive the transfer, but would grow and keep growing to term. At her 6 week ultrasound, they found out they were expecting a baby due May the 4th… how perfect for those Star Wars fanatics. I still mourned the loss of the second baby with her though. I wanted so badly for Lisa to have twins too! (Or even triplets, I may have prayed for some embryos to split a time or two.)

In November, I was sitting in my Bible Study Fellowship lecture when I felt my phone buzz on the pew next to me. I thought “Oh no, what has Liam done now.” I looked down and saw my own double chin, Lisa was FaceTiming me. Wait… Lisa was FaceTiming me?! That never happens! I don’t FaceTime anyone. My heart sank, I prayed nothing was wrong with baby Kieklak, since I knew she was having her anatomy scan that day. I shot her a quick text “In BSF, call you in a second. Everything okay?”. I was hopeful that she was calling to share good news with me about what gender child she was having. As I walked to the car and unloaded the twins, I thought, “It must be a girl! After 7 grandsons and no granddaughters for Lisa’s parents, how exciting would that be??”

I called her back and noticed right away that she seemed out of breath, but not in a sad way, she hadn’t been crying. And not in a “I just ran a couple of miles” way either. It was like she was running on adrenaline, breathless out of excitement. I said “You’re having a girl, aren’t you!?”… “Nope”…”So it’s a boy??”… “We’re having TWO boys!!!” I cried tears of joy! One of my very best friends was blessed with twins too, what a gift! I cannot even put into words how excited I was (and still am!) for the Kieklaks.

I kept praying.

You may have heard me mention our dear sweet friends before, Jon & Jenny. They were in our small group at church along with the Kieklaks. The kindest people you’ll ever meet. They are foster parents and have been hoping to adopt children into their forever family for quite some time now. We’ve mourned with them as children have come in and out of their home for several years.

They would have loved biological children too, of course, but after 7 years of infertility they thought that it just wasn’t possible.

A few weeks ago, we were singing “Jesus Loves Me” as we put the twins down for bed and Matt felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. Once we said our goodnights and walked into the hallway, Matt checked the text and starts waving it in my face excitedly, shouting “BOOYYYYY!” He was waving it so fast, I could barely see who it was from, but I saw a positive pregnancy test for sure. I grabbed the phone to focus in on the name, Jon. “SHUT UP!!! NO WAY!!!!!” I ran to our bedroom to grab my phone, and I saw the same text from Jenny. I immediately called her, “Are you pregnant!?!?”… “Yep, we just found out tonight!”… chills fell all over my body.

After 7 years of infertility, 7 years of waiting, 7 years of praying, and now they are expecting their first child due this October on their anniversary of all days!

And I’m still praying. I’m praying boldly that God will let this 4th family become parents in 2017! Since I started this journey, I’ve learned of several other couples who are waiting on the Lord’s timing for children, and I’m praying every day for them too!

It gives me such joy to pray for those struggling with infertility. I want to bear this burden with you if you’re in that boat. I want to mourn with you and Lord willing, rejoice with you over answered prayers one day too. Whether through adoption or biological children, I want to pray for God to grow your family too.

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**All stories were used with permission of course. 

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