Fox Fall Wreath

 photo foxfallwreath_zpsbfb64df6.png
 photo foxfallwreath1_zpsea074fdd.pngFall is finally here! I found these fabulous pumpkins at Walmart, and some mums (always a fall favorite) for the garden.

 photo foxfallwreath2_zps9f64964c.pngWith the mums and pumpkins, the front porch was looking quite seasonal…except for the hydrangeas on my wreath. They really say “summer!”

 photo foxfallwreath3_zpse9bbf12c.pngI found these wreath trimmings (also at Walmart) for $1.27 each and had an idea – these plus a little gingham fox would be cute!

 photo foxfallwreath4_zpsab846ab1.pngI had this gingham scrap fabric on hand, so I drew out some fox pattern pieces, and cut:

2 body pieces

2 tail pieces

4 ear pieces

 photo foxfallwreath5_zpsd2ff1cf3.png

 photo foxfallwreath6_zpsa7027fe2.pngI sewed them right sides together, leaving spaces so I could turn them right side out.

 photo foxfallwreath7_zps37cfd224.pngI took out the seams where the ears and tail went, and tucked them in the holes, turned right side out and facing into the fox body, so that only the tips poked out.

 photo foxfallwreath8_zps430c1dcc.png

 photo foxfallwreath9_zps7564c6d1.pngThem I sewed the holes shut and turned the fox right side out.

 photo foxfallwreath10_zpseefd048e.pngI stuffed his body with a little batting, just enough to give him some structure.

 photo foxfallwreath11_zpsd7125cd7.pngThen I closed up the bottom edge with my machine (it would’ve looked more polished if I’d done it by hand, but I figured that no one will be looking that closely).

 photo foxfallwreath12_zps2f40abb5.pngI took the hydrangeas off the wreath to save for next year, and sewed the fox in place. I was going to hot glue him, but I’ve misplaced my glue gun…

 photo foxfallwreath16_zpsc80eadd9.pngI think he looks quite nice tucked in with the flower and the little pumpkin.

 photo foxfallwreath13_zps0a90195e.png

 photo foxfallwreath15_zps52ce4fc9.png

 photo foxfallwreath14_zpsd6f9b490.pngNow that the wreath has gone full fall, our house is definitely ready for the cooler weather and falling leaves.

 photo foxfallwreath17_zpsc87d8c12.png

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