Frugal Fall Fashion

Almost all the clothes I buy are either from thrift stores or sale racks. Because of that, I unfortunately cannot provide the information to find any of these exact pieces. But I’m hoping this post gives you confidence that you don’t have to pay a fortune for decent looking clothes.

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I’ll give a break down of these five fall outfits – the prices & locations of purchase, etc.

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This scarf & shirt were both from a thrift store called Daisy Exchange. Jeans were from Forever 21 – they actually have very reasonably priced jeans even before sale prices. This pair was full price at $7.50 back a few years ago! You’re probably wondering how to get free boots. My former roommate, Stephanie, and I were both wearing each other’s boots more than our own so we just ended up trading. So these were technically free to me, but the pair I traded them for was a thrift store find no more than $5. Fun fact….these boots were my wedding shoes!

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I found this coat at Daisy Exchange. The jeans were a Forever 21 sale item, and the boots a Rue 21 sale item. This could pass for Fall and Winter, the coat is wool so it’s nice and warm. I wanted to feature a ‘cheap’ coat though so you knew it was possible!

photo 4

The necklace is from Forever 21 & the cardigan from Rue 21. The Dress is from Daisy Exchange. I found the boot socks on sale at Urban Outfitters. They have cute little ruffles, but you can’t see them very well in this photo. The boots were from a local Arkansas thrift store, Potters’ House Thrift. A lot of my clothes are from there.

photo 3 (1)

The necklace is a locket my grandmother left me when she passed away. The shirt is from Potters’ House Thrift. It’s technically a dress, too short for me though! I buy a lot of short dresses and wear them as long shirts. The red jeans are from Daisy Exchange and the boots are the same ones in the second photo from Rue 21.

photo 2 (5)

The shirt & vest were both from Potters’ House Thrift. The scarf is an old t-shirt that was a freebie at a college visit. I cut just above the seam at the waste and then again about 8 inches up. Then you just stretch out the fabric and it curls up to were you can’t even tell it was cut! Jeans (Forever 21), boots (Rue 21), and necklace (Forever 21) are all three pictured in previous photos.

Hopefully this inspires some thriftiness in you next time you are in need of some new clothes!

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  1. Sara says:

    If I ever suddenly lose ~60lbs and all of your clothes are missing, I have no idea what could have happened.

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