Garden Photos (Summer 2014)

I often say that I could stare at a single flower all day if given the chance. Flowers are one of my favorite things God created. The intricate details and brilliant colors make my heart skip a beat. In the past, my flowers have been confined to a vase where they don’t survive all that long. Now that we have a house and have planted our first and second flower gardens, I wake up in awe of the new blooms each morning. I love tending to my flowers every day. Watering, weeding, pruning, but mostly just staring and trying to capture with the camera what I see with my naked eye.

I hope you enjoy some of the photos I’ve taken this summer! Below we have a rose of sharon, some hydrangeas, bergenias, and a hibiscus.

 photo 9E0D609D-F061-4DC2-B0DA-C424C1943DAA_zpscixbqcyz.jpg

 photo A1A22538-2544-4066-A65D-2F3A87C33C31_zpsxl8beooq.jpg

 photo 74446E71-6381-48CC-B362-075F083B1610_zps6kqd6vge.jpg

 photo 974776FC-D64B-4133-854E-1D590A101F90_zpstglu01xw.jpg

 photo DBC8028A-36E5-42FE-8043-5E67FA7181D7_zps9bmlqn5v.jpg

 photo 20DD5FAE-B8B2-45F3-B717-37358B7AEFCB_zpsjmgwtsi9.jpg

 photo 18BC0BAF-FA04-4A3A-AA52-8BE8996090FC_zpsf43u7qtt.jpg

 photo 29AA1F11-BE65-49DB-BF49-6DE55584641D_zpseftm1uly.jpg

 photo F1B272BC-97B3-45BD-8EEE-463520B6E003_zpsfv6wlvok.jpg

 photo 3E55AA34-77CB-4D9E-8685-447B32FFA184_zpsbckfpjn4.jpg

 photo CC6411BF-3880-456F-B66B-49EC61684A46_zpsfvqv6zgx.jpg

 photo 0309977D-1CBC-43A2-9D9F-C472DCE8A54E_zpsiphjpkud.jpg

 photo 78D4DC0F-DC30-48CD-BCEF-F1B24742DE96_zpsdqjsrpd2.jpg
 photo 41010DBB-2DE5-4131-BC86-7E78BDA46463_zpsmust7xmv.jpg

 photo D88138BF-D0F8-4C60-B627-0CF55D7DC332_zpsmaoa5frq.jpg

 photo A8A1C096-990C-4FF9-9C95-F97185A1CF53_zpsta7somqp.jpg

Thanks for taking time to marvel at God’s creation with me!

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