Gearing Up for 2017

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2017 is here! In the past I’ve posted specific goals for the new year, but this year I’m just going to list a few more general challenges/habits that I’m hoping to kickstart.


I’ve read 50-100 books a year for the past few years, but this year I’m thinking that something might be keeping me busier than normal. Instead, Steve and I are going to team up to try and complete this reading challenge that Challies posted about a few weeks ago. There are several levels of this challenge, and together we’re hoping to reach the ‘committed’ level, so between the two of us we’ll read 52 books. I think this will be more interesting than just reading whatever I want to, since there are categories in this challenge that I don’t usually read from.


A few years ago, I started memorizing Colossians. I’m through 3 of the 4 chapters, but I haven’t had the motivation I need to finish that last chapter. My pastor has been preaching through Colossians for a few months and has just started in on the last chapter. I’m hoping to memorize along with him every week and finally finish it off!

I also recently started memorizing 2 Timothy as a part of a Beth Moore study we did in my women’s Bible study this fall. I got over halfway through memorizing it before Thanksgiving vacation threw me off and I never got back on track. Once I’m caught up with Colossians, I hope to finish off 2 Timothy before the year is out.


I’m restarting my bullet journal. I used my journal faithfully for months this past year, but then I started trying out a new weekly spread that was just too complicated and it became more stressful than helpful, so I stopped using it. Now, I have more appointments and events to keep up with, so I’m cracking it back open and I’m almost done with my January spread. I think as long as I keep it simple, it will be useful.

And the last thing that’s on my radar is to unpack those last few boxes of stuff laying around our house so that I finally feel all settled in. I’m also obviously hoping to get the nursery set up in the coming weeks. I’ll post a tour of my house soon, and once the nursery is finished, I’ll post that too!

So that’s what I’m looking at for the next year. What about y’all?

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  1. I downloaded a habit tracker app because I know bullet journaling will never be something I keep up with. I hope to add one habit each month to keep things manageable. I’m starting with making sure I do my quiet time each day. I put a simple daily devotional on my nightstand so even if I don’t get a long study in I can still get the Word in before bed. I tried the reading challenge last year but didn’t make it past a couple of months. Maybe this year will be better!

    1. That sounds like a good plan. I’m definitely wanting to find a good daily devotional to start soon. Last year I used the She Reads Truth app to read through the Bible and I really liked it.

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