Genders Revealed {Kramp Twins}

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I’ll keep it brief since I’ve kept you waiting long enough. Thanks for being patient with us as we waited for the snail mail to run its course to family members across the country. I’ll start with our cooperative little, Baby B. We’ve known this little one’s gender since December. And that gender is…

 photo DE64BA7A-EED2-4EDC-85A9-BFC268C2F2AD_zpsgbcpdh4m.jpg
 photo 078AA04A-7295-48E0-AE72-87B6D0425B78_zpseiwyl4fm.jpg
 photo 129A2087-A9FA-467C-A98B-0A26CCFD495E_zpsezptkgac.jpg
 photo 657C8298-D3B7-42AB-A50C-06E463C485A9_zpsac4mhu8l.jpg
 photo 913691AD-220E-4040-91DC-C8198FFCD396_zpshr9eddul.jpg
 photo 0ACA6002-7BB5-401D-AB79-1FB405687CDE_zpsji9nniwp.jpg

And now for our next little, Baby A…

 photo E7F5674B-2AE1-4AC6-82A6-3D0367FF91DC_zpslbtp2goh.jpg
 photo 13F201DD-E674-44D8-883C-65B117D30CE8_zpslp8ajsa8.jpg
 photo B7FC4EE4-5C98-46D3-8004-0FDB82032FC0_zpszbrcxi9w.jpg
 photo 919C82C1-2FDF-4DD0-B39B-F3119DCB638A_zpszjiiielt.jpg
 photo 79A6F82C-5847-4D76-A67C-AD7D04694252_zpszxwyqa20.jpg
tri-diamond graphic

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Well, there ya have it! We have both a son and a daughter. Our family of two became a family of four the moment these littles were formed in my womb. We look forward to this new adventure of raising a little boy and a little girl, both made in the image of God. Praise the Lord for the gift of life!

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  1. Dear Matt & Cara: FINALLY….suspense was almost too much!!! I’ll still check in with the Helpmates which is really good. Congratulations to ALL of you, and to Steve and Lisa on their adoption process. I also sent them a message. (You may have to explain “our connection”….don’t forget the hampster episode!!.) In case you didn’t know, we adopted our son, Jeffrey, when he was five days old and released from the hospital into our arms. He and his wife adopted a little boy at birth almost eight years ago, so we have an idea of what Steve and Lisa are going through.
    We still keep in touch with your fantastic Mother and I check Facebook for “Lee’s” updates. Always, take care, dory

    1. I didn’t realized y’all had adopted Jeffrey, that’s awesome! 🙂 You definitely can know how to pray for Steve and Lisa right now then! 🙂

  2. Oh, God is so good! This is just perfect. 🙂

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