Gluten Free Review: Bisquick Gluten Free Baking Mix

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This weekend, the hubby & I traveled to Knoxville, TN to surprise my cousin Rebecca for her 21st birthday. My uncle is also going gluten free, so my aunt made us waffles from this Bisquick Gluten Free Baking Mix. Having already tried several waffle mixes that turned out badly, I was a little skeptical.

But they were delicious! Even my four cousins who aren’t gluten free couldn’t get enough of them. A few weeks ago, they did a side-by-side taste test of this box mix with my aunt’s homemade waffles, and these gluten free waffles came out on top.

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I haven’t used the mix for any of the other many suggested recipes (including biscuits, shortcake, pizza crust, and chicken fingers). But I’m excited about the variety of yummy gluten free goodies that could come from this mix.

Here’s the point breakdown:

Price: $4.18 - 2/5 (You can also be more cost effective and buy it in bulk from Amazon!)

Prep/Cooking Time: 5/5  (no extra steps required, it’s just like making regular waffles, about 6 or 7 minutes)

Taste: 5/5 

Husband’s Approval: 5/5 (In his words, “They were so good.”)

Let me know in the comments about your success (or failures) with gluten free products, and please tell me if there’s something you’d like me to review!

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3 comments to Gluten Free Review: Bisquick Gluten Free Baking Mix

  1. Amy says:

    I have used the gluten free Bisquick mix for the biscuits, the crusted chicken and the pancakes- all turned out delicious ! My son and husband are not gluten free, but they loved and ate it all with no complaints”

    • thehelpmates says:

      That’s good to know, Amy! I’m excited to try some new recipes with it. They seem to have really struck gold with this mix. I’m glad you like it too!

  2. Sarah Jo says:

    I *love* this stuff! I’ve never tried waffles – but pancakes, biscuits, and using it as thickener to make potato pancakes stick together are all amazing. :)

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