Gluten Free Review: Cherrybrook Kitchen’s Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix

gf cherrybrook pancake mix

I was just browsing the gluten free section of the grocery store a few weeks ago, fully intending not to buy anything, when I spotted several of these Cherrybrook Kitchen gluten free mixes for half off – who could resist? 

Their Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix was the first I tried out. It smelled so delicious while I was cooking it that I could hardly hold myself back long enough to snap a few pictures before digging in.

One of the things that’s trickiest about gluten free baking is the texture, and this mix had the waffle texture down pat. Just look at that golden crispness!

gf cherrybrook pancake mix 3

I will say that they aren’t very good reheated. Just make as many pancakes or waffles as you’ll eat in one sitting, because freezing them and re-toasting just doesn’t work out. Here’s the point breakdown:

Price: $5.00 at Kroger – 1/5 (it only makes 9 waffles, and that’s a steep price for a waffle)

Prep/cooking time: 5-10 minutes – 5/5 (same time as a regular mix would take to whip up)

Taste: soft, sweet, and crisp – 4/5 (I probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between this waffle and one with gluten – one point off for not being able to freeze them for later)

Husband’s Approval: 4/5 (he agreed that they smelled & tasted great, but he noted a slight gluten-free after taste that I missed)

gf cherrybrook pancake mix 4

You’ll certainly be seeing more of Cherrybrook Kitchen in future gluten free reviews, since I have three more mixes to try out. As always, let me know if there’s something you’d like me to try out & review!

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