Gluten Free Review: Cherrybrook Kitchen’s Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix

 photo gfcherrybrookpancakemix_zpsce20d0cc.pngI was just browsing the gluten free section of the grocery store a few weeks ago, fully intending not to buy anything, when I spotted several of these Cherrybrook Kitchen gluten free mixes for half off – who could resist? 

 photo gfcherrybrookpancakemix1_zpsb9925b64.pngTheir Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix was the first I tried out. It smelled so delicious while I was cooking it that I could hardly hold myself back long enough to snap a few pictures before digging in.

 photo gfcherrybrookpancakemix2_zps06c2c60a.pngOne of the things that’s trickiest about gluten free baking is the texture, and this mix had the waffle texture down pat. Just look at that golden crispness!

 photo gfcherrybrookpancakemix3_zps006ed837.pngI will say that they aren’t very good reheated. Just make as many pancakes or waffles as you’ll eat in one sitting, because freezing them and re-toasting just doesn’t work out. Here’s the point breakdown:

Price: $5.00 at Kroger – 1/5 (it only makes 9 waffles, and that’s a steep price for a waffle)

Prep/cooking time: 5-10 minutes – 5/5 (same time as a regular mix would take to whip up)

Taste: soft, sweet, and crisp – 4/5 (I probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between this waffle and one with gluten – one point off for not being able to freeze them for later)

Husband’s Approval: 4/5 (he agreed that they smelled & tasted great, but he noted a slight gluten-free after taste that I missed)

 photo gfcherrybrookpancakemix4_zps82f2d984.pngYou’ll certainly be seeing more of Cherrybrook Kitchen in future gluten free reviews, since I have three more mixes to try out. As always, let me know if there’s something you’d like me to try out & review!

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