Hand-Painted Nursery Letters {Mia}

So all your friends are getting married and having babies? Going to that many showers can be expensive! You want to be generous and help celebrate with your friends, but you don’t have the money to spend a lot? Well, let me encourage you that there are ways to give heart-felt, adorable gifts that still keep you on track with your budget.  I painted these nursery letters for a total cost of under $5.

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I knew I wanted to do some kind of nursery painting to go over the baby’s crib that spelled out her name. I actually was thinking a canvas was a better option at first. It would have allowed for more creativity on my part, and I thought it was going to be lower cost.

I found out about this baby shower about three weeks in advance, so I had time to look online and see when Hobby Lobby’s canvases were going on sale. So, last weekend I went and found a rectangular canvas that I almost settled on. I think it was 12″ x 24″ and on sale for $7.99. I decided to browse the letters to make sure there wasn’t anything else I liked better. The first set of letters that I liked were $12.99 a piece. I hadn’t budgeted $39 for this gift, so I had to pass on those.

On my way to check out I saw these letters…


On sale for 50% off! Original price was $2.99 a piece, so I ended up spending just under $1.50 per letter (about 12″ tall). And praise the Lord for three letter names! Just under $5 for my letters, they were already painted white (which is the background color I was going to paint them anyway), just the right size, and they were a cute girly font!

Baby Mia’s nursery had a cute theme called Happi Tree. I googled it and formed my own design based off the images I found. It’s mostly just adorable little animals in a curly brown tree. Mia’s wall color was going to be pink, which is why I chose the white background color.

I used acrylic paint for these, which turned out great in the end! I was a little stressed at first because the letters were a gloss finish and it looked like I was going to have to do several coats to get the look I was going for. But…I just did a much thicker coat from the start on the branches, and Joy and Lisa (we were having a craft day together) said it made for a cool texture, so I went that route instead, only doing the one coat.

I did all my branches first to make sure the dark brown color was well balanced across the three letters.


Then I mixed up one color at a time, making little animals and flowers here and there to balance out the space and colors.

I actually had originally planned to do designs covering nearly all the white space, but I really liked the amount of white left at this stage so I decided to call it a day. What do you think? (Click on any of the pictures in this post to enlarge them)



I was pleased to be able to honor Matt with our financial goals and still gift my friend with a personalized homemade gift in celebration of her baby girl. Sometimes if you’re looking to save money, all that’s needed is a little extra time. One day when we have more money and less time I might not be able to do this for every gift, but I’m enjoying it while I have the time at this stage in my life.

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Total paint cost for this project was less than 20 cents.


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