Happy Blogiversary #1

Well, it’s official… thanks to you guys, we’ve beaten the blogging odds and survived a full year!

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When Lisa and I decided to start a blog together in May of 2013, we knew we had a lot of planning and researching to do before just jumping right in. During those 4 months of planning, I think it’s safe to say that most of our time went to designing our graphics. Seems crazy since our first design was so simple, right? Oh boy, if you only knew how many times we changed our minds though.

I’ll give you a little glimpse of it with this image of our first mock up. And sorry it’s so tiny…this was the one we uploaded before we knew what size image we needed, and apparently it’s the only trace evidence we have left of this terrible design. (We tried our hardest to forget where we came from.)


As you can see, we changed our minds quite a bit to start with that and end with this:


Blog-Header-Final1.pngAfter changing our minds dozens of times before we even shared our first post, we made ourselves a deal: No updating the blog graphics until we’re at least a year in!

Well, we made that goal too! Just barely, right? We started working on a redesign about a month ago and (again) we went through lots of different options before settling on what we have up right now.


We really hope you like what we came up with, and now that it’s up, you can count on it to stay for another year… rules are rules.

And it’s not just our header that we’ve changed, so be sure and check out our side bar (to the right) and our meet page, too!

While you’re marveling at our lovely new design (we hope!), be sure and take a gander at our top 10 posts for year one!

#1 Freezer Breakfast Burritos

#2 Slipcover Tutorial {How to Make Box Cushions}

#3 50+ Stocking Stuffers for Men

#4 Lasse Cookies

#5 Slipcover Tutorial {How to Make Piping}

#6 Wedding for Under $2,000

#7 Honey Glazed Pecans

#8 Slipcover Tutorial {How to Make a Zipper Panel}

#9 Pumpkin Roll

#10 A Kramp Love Story

tri-diamond graphic

Thanks again for all the love and support you’ve shown us in our first year! We’re excited to see what year two has in store.


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