Happy Due Date, Kramp Twins!

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Can you even imagine if these two were still in my womb today? Ok, you might be able to since you weren’t toting them around… but I sure can’t. I’m certain that Liam would have popped me by now!

I also just can’t imagine life without them now that they are here. We are so in love! We have loved our littles long before they made their big debut nearly 4 weeks ago, but there is just a special kind of love that forms when you finally get to meet your babies face to face. Someone you have prayed for and dreamed about for so long!

We’re so thankful beyond what our words can express for how well Cherish and Liam continue to do. We go in for our one month check next week (please slow down, time!), and we are anticipating a pound or two extra to say the least. 😉 Liam feels heavier every time we pick him up… especially if you were just holding little Cherish right before. Her weight gain is less noticeable, but I think that’s because we are always comparing her to her ‘big brother’. Big in size… not in age! You’ll always be our firstborn, sweetheart!

Both babies lost a little of their birth weight (as expected) at their one week check, but they gained it back plus some by week two. Cherish was 5 lb 15 oz and Liam was 7 lb 2 oz. We will be sure and let you know what reports we get with this one month check.

Matt and I are adjusting well to life with two newborns and learning something new every day. We may be pretty sleepy for a season, but it’s really not as bad as we were expecting. When you have two adorable little blessings staring back at you in the middle of that nighttime feeding, you couldn’t care less that it’s 4am and you know you’ll be up again by 8am.

All in all, we are doing well! We love life as a family of four and we’re super thankful for all your prayers and words of encouragement these past few weeks!

And now the part you really care about… adorable baby pictures!!!

 photo 47D91BAF-BE41-4FD1-B4E5-C657196CCAD1_zpsua0q7tbe.jpg
Cherish Grace
 photo 49F4ED7F-73AD-40A4-B6B5-55D03D733FDF_zpspb7luveo.jpg
Cherish Grace
 photo 3A307750-DFC1-42F3-B4A1-F96F89EE9EEA_zpszw83fjyw.jpg
Cherish Grace
 photo 64D16483-3AB6-4CB2-A75E-D2D5A2501DED_zpsnvxhddfz.jpg
Cherish & Mommy
 photo 6431A970-FD0C-4227-8D16-6177B37B036E_zpslbuwyajo.jpg
 photo CD2129C4-B107-47B0-A934-0B3B7D3245E1_zpsqjmlpuxg.jpg
 photo A124CB8B-6009-4CDC-AE8D-8FE9244EAC0A_zpsd4sjdteb.jpg
 photo CC2D9462-71FE-4E9F-BCFF-90EF1D7F6490_zps5w8xdsvg.jpg
Liam & Daddy
 photo 0A55EC36-2E42-4224-8A66-32DD3246BAC3_zps4ovo3yx7.jpg
Liam & Cherish
 photo 2B1F6F10-A41B-458F-8B52-D8DB311A64D6_zpsoi2ccphg.jpg
Liam & Cherish

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  1. How stinkin’ sweet are they!?!?! Congratulations on them again. Can’t believe it has already been a month. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to holler. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much!! 🙂

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