Home Study Complete!

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We’ve finally completed our home study! We had all the paperwork done by the end of February, but it took a while for us to find time to fit in all the reading & online education stuff. But now we’re through, with an approved home study.

Next we’ll move on to the matching phase. With Nightlight, the matching is a double-selection process. Basically, Nightlight will send our family profile out to genetic families that they think would be a good match for us, one family at a time. Once a genetic family chooses us, we’ll receive their family profile. If we choose them, then it’s a match!

How to pray for us:

– Pray for patience as we wait to hear back from the adoption agency about being matched with a family. This process usually takes 1-3 months, so it could be quite a bit of waiting.

– Pray for wisdom for the families that are sent our profile for consideration.

– Pray for our fundraising to continue to go well – we’ve already raised over half of our $10,000 goal!


Thanks for your prayers, and I’ll try to post another update soon!

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P.S. – To avoid any confusion, this post was originally written in May, and I’m not sure how it never got posted. I’m about to write a new adoption update and I ran across this one. I wanted to go ahead and post it before the next update so I’ll have a better record of our whole adoption process. I’m posting it now in last August, but I’ll back-date it for May.

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