Honey Glazed Pecans


I was in need of glazed pecans for a recipe last night and I was let down by my grocery story love, Aldi. Apparently they do not carry any glazed nuts.

Bummer! But a good excuse to experiment in the kitchen. Baptism by fire! I made up my own recipe. My first attempt was successful this time, that’s unusual… but no complaints here!

6 oz. pecan halves
3 TBS honey
1 TBS brown sugar
Dash of chili powder

In a large skillet, heat honey and a dash chili powder over medium-high heat.


Add pecans and brown sugar.


Stir continuously for a few minutes. You’ll know they’re done when all the honey has been absorbed into the pecans and they faintly sizzle. I promise, it doesn’t take long at all!


Spray nonstick spray on a cookie sheet and spread out the pecans. Use a clean utensil to separate them from each other the best you can. I clearly was pretty relaxed about that rule, but mine turned out just fine!


Let them cool and you are good to go! Although, I highly suggest sampling a warm one  handful.


Nom nom nom!

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