How to Freeze Pancakes in Bulk

As you know from my freezer burritos post, Matt & I are big breakfast eaters. A trait I so lovingly shared with him upon entering into this covenant of marriage. Along with the love of desserts, of course!

While cereal and granola bars have their place in life, who’s to say you have to eat them every weekday? Matt & I treasure our shared days off when we get to sleep in late and enjoy a hearty breakfast together. But sometimes those days are few and far between – so I still like to create an avenue for us to enjoy a nice, warm breakfast on the go!

This post does not offer a specific recipe for pancake mix (although, I’ll probably write one soon). Today, I’m just sharing tips on how to freeze pancakes in bulk. So feel free to use whichever recipe your little heart desires.

I’m using my lovely box of pumpkin pancake mix from Trader Joe’s – a gift from the Kieklaks after their last stay at our place!


Heat your griddle (or skillet…or lots of skillets) to about 300-350º, then mix your batter.

Get your workplace ready. Aside from the usual stuff you need to make pancakes, you’ll need a cookie sheet and either wax paper or freezer paper.


PAUSE! Go serve your husband a surprise breakfast in bed with the first round!


Sneak very carefully…


My happy one-eyed husband! *All photos used with permission*


Okay, back to work! Lay your first layer of pancakes down directly on the cookie sheet. It’s vital that they do not touch each other, they will freeze together if that happens.

20131114-113415.jpgPut a sheet of wax paper (or freezer paper) between each layer of pancakes.


Once your batter is all gone, place the cookie sheet of pancakes in the freezer until they are firm. Probably about an hour or so. I normally forget about mine and come back three hours later!


Remove the pancakes, place in freezer bags, suck all the air out, and place back in the freezer. You’re done!


My box ended up making 24 (well technically 30, but we ate six of them) and they fit perfectly into one gallon-sized freezer bag. I guess 24 pancakes is barely ‘bulk’, but I’ve used this same method with over 100 pancakes at a time. It works just as well!

When you’re ready to consume, just remove however many pancakes you want and microwave them. I microwave three pancakes for one minute.

I hope this post was helpful for all you breakfast lovers out there!

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