Undefeated White Chicken Chili

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I’m totally going to lose the church chili cook-off this Fall now that I’m writing such a prideful blog post, but it’s time for the world to know the secret to success…. at a Southern Baptist church chili cook-off at least. But just remember, pride before the fall.

My recipe was also featured on All She Cooks a few years back, here’s that link if you’re interested!
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Gluten Free Sugar Cookies From Scratch

 photo gluten free sugar cookies 2.0 1_zpsfcudp1mh.png I worked this recipe up a few weeks ago for the adoption bake sale we had at church, & everyone loved the cookies! A few years back, I posted a gluten free sugar cookie recipe that used an all-purpose gluten free flour. The old recipe ok, so if you’re looking for something quick and easy, use that one. Just be sure to use an all-purpose flour that doesn’t have any bean flour in it, you can really taste it in the cookie. Continue reading

Chocolatey Caramel Crunch Cookies

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Y’all, I have a problem. A cookie problem. But seriously though, I think I’ve made more cookie posts than anything else! I knew I had a sweet tooth, but I don’t think I ever realized just how specific it was toward cookies until just recently. In my defense though, this particular batch was shared with a friend. So at least Matt and I didn’t eat the whole thing by ourselves! Although I’m sure we could have. Sadly. Continue reading

Gluten Free Thanksgiving Dressing

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This recipe has been in my family for at least four generations. It wasn’t even written down until 2002, when my mom was putting together a family cookbook. It is my favorite thing about Thanksgiving, so when I had to stop eating gluten, I found a way to make it gluten free. The premise is simple – make sure the cornbread is gluten free, and select gluten free seasoning ingredients. So we’re going to start with a from-scratch easy-as-pie gluten free cornbread recipe. Continue reading

Ten Minute Gluten Free Tartlets

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One lazy Saturday afternoon I had this leftover gluten free pie and pastry dough. I had used it to make a quiche but had only needed half of the dough, so there sat the other half. Initially I thought I’d make a chicken pot pie. Then along came the post-nap toddler blues and I really wanted a sweet snack, so these gluten free tartlets were born. Necessity really is the mother of all invention! Continue reading

Gluten Free White Chicken Chili

 photo THEnbspPARTY_zpsa098e30c.pngSorry this post is so late today, guys! I’ve been wrestling with an iPhoto update and some issues with my photo editing software for a few hours now, but I finally worked everything out.

This recipe is amazing! I originally got it from a friend at church, but I’ve changed a lot of things to make it into something I love. We have it regularly in the winter, and it’s a great recipe for a crowd. Continue reading