The Friday Five {3.31.17}


1. The Bible Project – This website has a ton of well-designed Bible study materials. My favorites are their videos that give an overview of books of the Bible, which you can find compiled on their YouTube page. These videos are helpful for me when starting a study in a new book since they give a great overview of the historical context, the context within the Bible, and the literary features within the book.

The Friday Five {3.17.17}


1. “My daughter has got a bigger purpose in life” – This sweet couple goes to my (Lisa’s) church. It’s been encouraging watching them go through this trial and see their faith strengthen as their pregnancy progresses. The Youngs, and our church alongside them, have done a great job of living out Romans 12:15, rejoicing over Eva’s life & preparing to mourn over her death. Pray for them as Eva’s delivery day gets closer.

The Friday Five {3.10.17}


Fast Fashion

1. The True Cost – An enlightening documentary available on Netflix, Apple TV, and Amazon which highlights everything that is wrong with today’s fashion industry. The True Cost is a groundbreaking documentary film that pulls back the curtain on the untold story and asks us to consider, who really pays the price for our clothing? ‘Eye opening’ would be an understatement. I really encourage you to watch it.

The Friday Five {2.24.17}


 First American Missionaries

1. George Lisle – I was always taught that Adoniram Judson was the first American missionary, and he is the first entry to pop up when you google that phrase. However, if you look closely at his Wikipedia page, you’ll notice that it says he’s the first Caucasian American missionary. That’s because George Lisle, a former slave, left America to become a successful missionary in Jamaica 30 years before Judson was sent to Burma. How did I just hear of him 4 days ago?

The Friday Five {2.17.17}


Racial Reconciliation Sunday

1.  This past Sunday was Racial Reconciliation Sunday for churches in the Southern Baptist Convention. While we never miss Orphan Care Sunday or Sanctity of Life Sunday, it’s not uncommon for Racial Reconciliation Sunday, another important step towards valuing and serving all people as God’s image-bearers, to go unnoticed in our churches. In honor of RRS, here’s an eye-opening article chronicling Lori Lakin Hutcherson’s experiences growing up as a black middle-class American. Though I rarely think of myself as privileged because of my skin color, Lori’s stories made it clear that it’s often what isn’t there in my own experiences that reveal my privilege.

The Friday Five {2.10.17}


Be Informed

1. Q Ideas – This is a fascinating website that explores how Christians should react to a wide variety of topics, and how we can try to engage and change the culture around us. I recently listened to this talk about the Syrian refugee crisis, and I’m looking forward to exploring more of their hundreds of articles and talks. Being informed about our world & cultures outside of our small spheres of experience is an important step in evangelism.

The Friday Five {2.3.17}


Sending Christ’s Love

1. For the Nations Refugee Outreach – Some people who used to be members of our church (CCC Yukon) now work with For the Nations Refugee Outreach in Dallas. This past week they posted on Facebook about an opportunity to serve these refugees by writing them letters. We would encourage you to send loving gospel-centered words to these people who are now surrounded by strangers, trying to learn a new culture and language.

The Friday Five {1.27.17}


Sanctitiy of Life

This past Sunday, churches across America celebrated Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, which falls every year around the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. As Christians, we are called to value every life, regardless of religion, race, age, abilities, or opinions. We hope that these links help you think more deeply and broadly about what it means to be truly pro-life.