Read The Bible With Me By The End Of 2017!

Anyone else get sad every time one of your Bibles is worn out and needs replaced? All my notes and underlines, with dates jotted all throughout the margins. What everyone assumes are coffee stains, but are really the pigment from flowers I pressed from my grandfather’s funeral. 4 leaf clovers hidden here and there from days when I’ve read outside.  All special memories and reminders of how God used specific passages to comfort, encourage, and spur me on.

Abi Marie {2 Months Old}

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, in this case it’s worth about 20 something and some numbers too.

Any Zootopia fans out there? Abi makes the best “Flash” faces, those long drawn out smiles like the sloth! It’s the best!

It’s safe to say these have been the longest 2 months of my life, but that has little to do with Abi, just coincidental timing I suppose. It sure is odd feeling like she’s been here for longer though. Usually these months fly by way too fast, but I feel like she has to be at least a year old by now with everything that has happened in these last two months. 

The Day Our Family Doubled {Kramp Twin Birth Story}

One of my fears throughout my twin pregnancy was that I wouldn’t recognize the signs of labor when they came. Every mom that heard me say this laughed at me. “Oh, you’ll know!” Even the nurses I met in the hospital the week I was on bed rest reassured me. “Contractions will stop you in your tracks.”

Well, they were wrong.

Abi Marie {1 Month Old}


Baby Abi turned one month old this week! Usually these months fly by, but with everything Abi had going on in this first month it seems like she’s been around for much longer! I have been to more doctor’s appointments alone with all three kids this past month than I thought I would this whole year! But through it all, we have been super blessed to continue to receive positive news at every corner for Miss Abi.