Oven-Roasted Whole Chicken

oven roasted chicken 5
One of my favorite food-related memories (yes, I have a separate category for food memories) from my childhood is my mother baking whole chickens in the oven. They cooked for hours, and it made the whole house smell delightfully savory. Then my mother would set them out to cool for a while before picking the chicken off the bone.

That’s where I came in, sneaking bites here and there of the warm, moist chicken. Especially the dark chicken. Mmmm.

My mother frowned on this practice, since she didn’t want my fingers all over the chicken and didn’t want me spoiling my appetite, but she usually still let me eat more than was probably good for me. She’s a good mother. 

Gluten Free Review: Betty Crocker’s Devil’s Food Cake

I thought I’d pick something extra delicious for my first review after the sabbatical. When I came across this Betty Crocker gluten free box mix, I knew I’d struck gold!
gf devil's food cake mix 2Like their other gluten free cake mixes, this Devil’s Food Cake didn’t disappoint. It was simple to mix, easy to bake, and tasted just like any other cake.

Gluten Free Review: Thai Kitchen Peanut Noodle Kit

I can’t believe it’s already June – time for another gluten free review!

I’ve reviewed a lot of snack foods and deserts, so I thought I’d find something a little more substantial. Steve & I eat a lot of asian food because it’s easy to make gluten free, so when I was picking up some soy sauce last week, I noticed this boxed meal with a helpful little gluten free label right on the front of the box.

gf thai peanut noodles