The Krampy Shanty {Master Bedroom Reveal}

I think it’s time for another basement room reveal! How about it?

If you’re new here, I’m slowly working my way around to posting pictures of our house. It’s nothing fancy, hence the name – The Krampy Shanty. In fact, it’s like the opposite of ‘fancy’ since we bought this house as a foreclosure for $49k in 2014. It was (surprisingly) move in ready, but we did some changes upstairs to add value, along with finishing out most of the basement! We’ve put about $19k into these renovations and doubled our finished square footage.

I revealed our new playroom a few weeks ago. By far the biggest and best addition to our new space! And now it’s time for our master bedroom reveal!

The Krampy Shanty {Playroom Reveal}


Finally. Some basement pictures!!! Matt and I recently did some $19k updates on our $49k house, The Krampy Shanty. We finished out most of our basement, adding 5 more rooms. Don’t get your hopes up too much though, because this room is by far the biggest and best room we added! Well, I mean… the second bathroom is pretty high up on the list too, but the playroom still takes the cake in my eyes!

5 Reasons Why I Love Aldi

1. The Prices

I’ve been able to consistently stick to a grocery budget of $50/week for our family of two since shopping at Aldi (four technically – but the twins’ breast milk diet hasn’t changed our budget yet!). This isn’t just our food either! I’m talking toilet paper, paper towels, detergents, trash bags, etc. too! I wouldn’t be able to keep our grocery budget this low if my primary source of grocery shopping was done elsewhere. I’ve tried and failed.

DIY Growth Ruler

 photo 7D3CD892-D4BA-4B78-AA23-6E1ADA005700_zps55cebeso.jpg

I have been eyeing a family growth ruler for some time now, as a fun way to track our kids’ growth throughout the years. I thought it would be nice to have it on a plank of wood as opposed to a door or wall, so that we could be sure and take it wherever we move to next.

I decided to make my own… mostly because I just didn’t love any of the font choices or layouts I found, but saving on the cost was definitely an added bonus too! Most of these I’ve found on Etsy range between $50-70, with costs that stack up quickly for adding extra names and details. I was able to make mine for less than $20, using a larger piece of wood even.

Top 5 Free Audio Resources

 photo top 5 free audio resources_zpsdou9aruc.pngI’m a seamstress. That means that I sit all day at my little machine and churn out tshirt quilt tops. The machines at work are kind of loud, which makes carrying on a conversation difficult. Most of us spend our time listening to headphones.

I know a lot of people at work listen to music, but I’ve never been the sort to sit and listen to hours of music every day. It’s fine as a background noise, but it gets boring after a while. I need variety!

After a year and a half at this job, I’ve built up a pretty diverse list of free audio resources to keep my wandering mind happy for 40 hours a week. Here are my top 5 faves:

Let the Quilting Begin

 photo 5C37B4B6-88B6-4EEE-A492-E2D1AA5B58CF_zpsxblfm6es.jpg
When we found out we were having twins, Lisa offered to make baby quilts for our two littles. Since I’ve wanted to learn how to sew and quilt for a while now, I figured this would be a good time for me to kick start the training process. I don’t think I’ll be doing much of the actual sewing part just yet, but more of the cutting, planning, watching, and learning along the way. Baby steps for baby quilts!