5 Reasons Why I Love Aldi

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1. The Prices

I’ve been able to consistently stick to a grocery budget of $50/week for our family of two since shopping at Aldi (four technically – but the twins’ breast milk diet hasn’t changed our budget yet!). This isn’t just our food either! I’m talking toilet paper, paper towels, detergents, trash bags, etc. too! I wouldn’t be able to keep our grocery budget this low if my primary source of grocery shopping was done elsewhere. I’ve tried and failed. Continue reading

DIY Growth Ruler

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I have been eyeing a family growth ruler for some time now, as a fun way to track our kids’ growth throughout the years. I thought it would be nice to have it on a plank of wood as opposed to a door or wall, so that we could be sure and take it wherever we move to next.

I decided to make my own… mostly because I just didn’t love any of the font choices or layouts I found, but saving on the cost was definitely an added bonus too! Most of these I’ve found on Etsy range between $50-70, with costs that stack up quickly for adding extra names and details. I was able to make mine for less than $20, using a larger piece of wood even. Continue reading

Top 5 Free Audio Resources

 photo top 5 free audio resources_zpsdou9aruc.pngI’m a seamstress. That means that I sit all day at my little machine and churn out tshirt quilt tops. The machines at work are kind of loud, which makes carrying on a conversation difficult. Most of us spend our time listening to headphones.

I know a lot of people at work listen to music, but I’ve never been the sort to sit and listen to hours of music every day. It’s fine as a background noise, but it gets boring after a while. I need variety!

After a year and a half at this job, I’ve built up a pretty diverse list of free audio resources to keep my wandering mind happy for 40 hours a week. Here are my top 5 faves: Continue reading

Let the Quilting Begin

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When we found out we were having twins, Lisa offered to make baby quilts for our two littles. Since I’ve wanted to learn how to sew and quilt for a while now, I figured this would be a good time for me to kick start the training process. I don’t think I’ll be doing much of the actual sewing part just yet, but more of the cutting, planning, watching, and learning along the way. Baby steps for baby quilts! Continue reading

DIY Skin Moisturizer

 photo thehelpmatescom_zpsb47570c5.pngSeveral years ago I had this terrible sunburn and a friend recommended I use pure sweet almond oil to help it heal. I was really nervous about putting pure oil on my face because during my teenage years I was trained to always choose oil free products, lest they cause a breakout. I tried it in spite of my fears and I loved the results so much that I’ve never looked back. Today’s post will be a primer in using simple oils to moisturize your skin, many of which are widely and easily available. Continue reading

DIY Electrolyte Drink

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Living in the Texas gulf area means we have about nine months of summer each year. And I’m a person who likes to work out – swim team practice three times a week, plus some running, biking, and the occasional extra workout, so I lose a lot of sweat. I have found that if I hydrate with an electrolyte drink before, during, and after a workout, I feel more energetic during a workout, I don’t get pesky leg cramps, I bounce back faster after a workout, and I even sleep better at night. My personal favorite drink mix is NUUN tablets. They are so delicious and easy to use, but at $.36 – $.45 per tab, it was costing $15 or more a month for me to drink. I wondered if I could create my own version for less money. Using the NUUN nutritional information as a guide, I developed my own DIY drink. Continue reading

DIY Hair Cuts

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Almost ten years ago, I started cutting my husband’s hair to save money. Haircuts can be expensive, so this is a way to save money that can really add up over months and years. Since men’s hairstyles vary quite a lot, rather than give a detailed tutorial on how I cut my man’s hair, I want to share some resources that can help you learn how to cut hair for the man in your life. Continue reading

Five Free Blogging Resources

 photo 5freebloggingresources_zps7ea3205f.pngWhen we started blogging last fall, Cara & I didn’t know much about how to blog or what tools to use. Over the past year, we’ve accumulated a few resources that have helped us a lot in designing & editing our blog. Just to be clear, this post isn’t sponsored by anyone & all the opinions are 100% mine.

Here are my top five free blogging resources: Continue reading

My Latest Yard Sale Finds – 6

I’m back for round 6 of My Latest Yard Sale Finds! Missed the previous posts in this series? Check out the bottom of this post to find the links!

These tennis shoes $3! They make me think of the Ninja Turtles for whatever reason. They are definitely some crazy colors, but you’d be surprised at how many compliments I get on them. I’ve added some paint, dirt, and blood (don’t ask) stains since purchasing them, because I deemed them my work shoes, but oh well!

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Continue reading