The Cost of Embryo Adoption {The Final Tally}

cost of embryo adoption
Now that all of the adoption and embryo transfer fees are behind us for this adoption, I thought I’d post about all the costs involved, and the total amount we ended up paying.

This information was difficult for me to find (other than the estimates that the adoption agency provided) when we were looking into embryo adoption for the first time a few years ago, so hopefully this will be helpful to you if you’re considering embryo adoption.

Happy New Year!

 photo happynewyear2015_zpsbd7ae8b3.pngHappy new year from the ladies of The Helpmates! It’s hard to believe that it’s already 2015, but we’re excited about what the new year will bring both on and off the blog.

We’ll let you know soon what to expect from us and our contributors this month, but for now enjoy the holiday!

cara and lisa 2

Happy Blogiversary #1

Well, it’s official… thanks to you guys, we’ve beaten the blogging odds and survived a full year!

 photo ACAE56AD-1182-441D-A553-D8D6D45A9781_zps1nsuwmle.jpg

When Lisa and I decided to start a blog together in May of 2013, we knew we had a lot of planning and researching to do before just jumping right in. During those 4 months of planning, I think it’s safe to say that most of our time went to designing our graphics. Seems crazy since our first design was so simple, right? Oh boy, if you only knew how many times we changed our minds though.

Building Community – A Blog Hop

A few weeks ago, our Arkansan friend Sarah Jo contacted us about participating in a blog hop. We had no idea what it was, and she hadn’t either before she was contacted about it – so we agreed to learn alongside her.
blog hop

A blog hop is when bloggers get together and answer a few common questions about how/why we do what we do. It’s been interesting to follow the links backwards and see all the other bloggers who have “hopped” – their passions, what makes them unique, and what drives them to write.

Sarah Jo is a sweet woman, and a challenging blogger. She’s passionate, creative, and has a great voice & writing style. She challenges her readers about social issues, finding beauty & joy in the mess of everyday life, and giving thanks to God for all things big & (seemingly) small. Check out her blog hop post (though she speaks way too highly of us), and follow her blog for weekly encouragement & challenges.