January-April 2017 Bujo Spreads {Lisa}

Cara’s been posting her bullet journal spreads for a few months now, so I thought I’d join in. The beauty of the bullet journal system is that you can make it whatever you want, and whatever will work best for you.

Cara & I have very different styles when it comes to our journals. I am not the artist that she is, and I would go crazy if I tried to make every page of mine as beautiful and detailed as she does. How does she find the time?? I think it’s witchcraft.

I started my bujo a little over a year ago, and I’ve tried just about everything. In the fall, I tried to make things too fancy and complicated and I completely stopped using it for a few months because it got stressful, which is ridiculous because it’s supposed to be the opposite.

When January rolled around, I decided to get back to the basics. I do like to spend a little time being creative with the monthly spreads, but that’s about as much time as I want to devote to making my bujo pretty right now.

At first I created pages as I went along, but now I’m finding it much easier to sit down for an hour at the beginning of the month and do everything at once.

I started out the year with a 2017 overview and a 6-month future log to keep track of anything I need to remember for future months.

I’ve done habit trackers in the past, but for a while now they haven’t been very useful to me. I’m sure there will be some point in the future that I’ll pick it up again. Right now I’m just doing a cute monthly spread page & simple, no-frills weekly spreads.

Here’s my January-April monthly pages:

My weekly pages go after each month, and they’re very simple. I used to take two pages for a week, but it was a ton of wasted space. I don’t need much space to remember appointments or to-do’s for each day, so this layout works perfectly for me right now.


Here’s a week of January, all filled in:

So that’s how it’s done – or at least how I do it. You should definitely go check out Cara’s April & May spreads, they’re beautiful!

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